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  1. Finally got the Rebello 3.2L in the car.....
  2. Progress updates later, but this weekend I finally (finally!) got the car beyond the driveway. Just a couple trips to the gym. Two people at the gas station came up to ask about the car. Gym member with a 70s 911s parked by me and we talked for a bit. All three asked or remarked about the color. I still see all the flaws in my work, but the comments from strangers were awfully gratifying. Good weekend.
  3. Don't forget the bottom. A couple of valves will be sticking out. Use styrofoam or doubled up cardboard on the bottom.
  4. My Z should be coming home in February from the painter so I’ll have a rotisserie for sale. $750 DM me if interested. Local pickup in NJ (07040) It’s a light duty rotisserie but it worked great for my Z. The jacks are in fantastic shape and the hardware is as well. Comes with the brackets you need to hang a Z, as well as some door bars I never used and extra brackets for other cars.
  5. wipe motor oil on the steel parts then put in a garbage bag.
  6. Based on these sales I predict a flood of Z's at future BJ auctions.
  7. Probably a little more alcohol flowing at a Barrett Jackson auction than with a BaT auction. That can loosen up the bidding/judgement restraint. A friend of mine sold his Porsche 912 on BaT a few weeks ago and did surprising well. The final bid far exceeded his expectations and the car is now on its way to Europe. Dennis
  8. Found it interesting that the 73 description says the carbs are original. They may be original, but not for a 73. This one has round tops and the 73's had flat top carbs. And is it just me or is the front bumper crooked on the 73?
  9. Seller pays $99 to list a car and the buyer is charged 5% of the winning bid with a $5,000 maximum payment. Dennis
  10. But that's the point, why sell a man one helmet when you can sell him two.
  11. Anyone want to take a guess at what those same three Zs' would have gone for on BaT or ebay? They might have reached the same numbers but I have a feeling that the excitement of a live in person auction and the Barrett Jackson name probably helped boost them up some what.
  12. There might also be throttle stops per carb. This is a good book on setup. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/1845849590/ref=dbs_a_w_dp_1845849590 I'd start with making sure the throttles are closed at rest and adjust the linkages so all 3 throttles start to move at the same time. Idle mixture screws I think should be a couple of full turns out from fully closed (but not sure of this, I don't have Webers). Have a look down the bore of each choke in turn as you open the throttle briskly and you should see a squirt of fuel going toward the engine. (3 pumps should be plenty for cold start even without choke, too many pumps will flood it). If the carbs are reasonably assembled and no big air leaks at manifold it really should start like that.
  13. google searched the linkage kit number from Redline, 99006.729 https://www.google.com/search?q=99006.729+linkage+kit&rlz=1C1BOFA_enUS494US494&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiV2Y_mz_zfAhVM1VkKHSRSCnEQ_AUICSgA&biw=1280&bih=606&dpr=1.25 @240260280 bought these of mine but I can't remember the name on the linkage arms.
  14. I should ship my ///MZ down there and put it up on the block, might end up with enough to build two Zs
  15. Yeah, that was interesting, but that car wasn't just another run of the mill LS engine swap, someone built that car as a custom, it looked well planned. Nice to see that recognition.
  16. ok, that makes sense I did a little looking. Looks like it might be a hard find. You might could rework one. Under the plating the tube is soldered or brazed in. Heat it and reverse it and have it replated. Not a very cheap way to do it, but it should get you to where you want to be