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    My first Z was a 1976 240 that I bought in San Diego in 1998. It had a number of problems that I was slow to realize but being such an eminently fixable car we just kept going till a ditch got in the way. I salvaged the wooden steering wheel and stick shift nob.
    Then I found a 1978 280Z in very good shape and have been keeping it that way ever since. I had the wooden steering wheel intstalled, the seats reupholstered and new wheels put on. It is a joy to drive.

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  1. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Thanks for Z Expert review!
  2. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Thank you! I remember Mike’s Z Shop now. Pasadena is closer. Will explore
  3. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Got it. Will do my best
  4. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    What more would you like to see and it will be revealed
  5. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Silverlake/Echo Park area. Just looking for over all check and tune up right now as regular maintenance experts have retired.
  6. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Will do
  7. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Right. Thanks!
  8. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Unfortunately they are out of business
  9. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Thanks for encouraging words! Engine pics to follow— if it ever stops raining...
  10. A Delory

    A Delory

  11. A Delory

    ‘78 280z for sale

    1978 280z Odometer reads 45K and that’s probably just what it is. Bought in 1999 from original owner with under 20K miles on it. I barely drive it nowadays and it just isn’t fair to the car. Well maintained, never failed a smog test. Renovations include but not limited to: new paint (BMW taupe metal-fleck), new upholstery (in original burnt orange), new wheels and dash cap. Wooden steering wheel and stick shift nob from my old 240z. This car is a joy to drive. When I’m on the road people wave, high-five and yell compliments at stop lights— it makes my day! Best conversation starter, ever, but you probably know all about that... Will have a price once tune up and general check up done. - Engine runs well and have only done the necessary or advised— as you can see. - Apron missing (under front bumper). - Rust spots under hatch - Tool kit is all there, never been used. Regulation issue Datsun spare tire inflator canister! And original spare tire which has transferred rust stains to well. Next up: service and repair record, or as much as I can lay my hands on. Let me know if need further photos. Thank you for interest and advice!

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