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  1. I am just back from a road trip through Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. This year was with the 1970 Mustang, but next year will be 2 weeks and with the 240z ! ( Swiss, Italy, Monaco and Spain for 2017 roadtrip ! ) Gas $$ was really to much with the Mustang hehe, I've burned close to a 1000 euro on fuel.. Here's a few nice pictures We visited the Speyer Museum this time, and again the US car meeting in Sinsheim ( over 700 cars !, next year they will hold it 2 days ! ) I've also visited " the Kehlsteinhaus " which is on the Obersalzberg, which is the late house of the dictator Adolf Hitler. It's almost 2 km up. Very nice views !
  2. Hello Everyone: Mr. Shigeru Nagata (retired Nissan employee) wanted to provide a little more information related to Nissan’s use of full size clay models, in the Design Development Department starting in 1961. Mr. Nagata was assigned to assist Mr. Goertz as a translator, during Mr. Goertz time at Nissan. He was also responsible for the Design Development Departments implementation of the US FMVSS related to Interior Design. Mr. Nagata wrote a 9 page article, in English that he wanted to share with the American Z Car Enthusiasts. Toward that end I have added it to the Z Car Home Page, along with more introductory information about Mr. Nagata. I think everyone will find it very interesting. See: http://zhome.com/History/ShigeruNagata/SNagata.htm FWIW, Carl B.
  3. I know you've had the "DO A GOOGLE SEARCH" lectures a few times in the past. Look what I found when I did a Google search for "fix gas tank leaks" - this and about 500 additional suggestions. I'm fairly certain you could have done that, too. Time to put on your Big Boy Z Fixer coveralls and do a little research on the problems you encounter. On the other hand, you could sell the car to someone willing to tackle routine maintenance projects and simplify your life and mine. Dennis Dennis
  4. Oh boy - a Nikki!!! Nice find. The top plate on yours has more detail than the one in 26th's pic - a stamped # and two raised bosses.
  5. Blue, I didn't mean to sound rude. Don't take it that way. Thanks for the great photo of the grommet. I don't know what you have if it doesn't have the firewall lips and I wondered about the "no through-holes" comment. There is another thread circulating about speedometer cables you may want to check out. Console face plate is correct. There is a thread in the archives with a fascinatingly rude argument about what color it is supposed to be. Check out the single groove harmonic balancer! There is a thread about fuel pumps in the archives. These pictures are mine - the difference between old and new castings. I won't guarantee that the old one is authentic 1969.
  6. Dual points are for an Auto, I think this is what a early orig water pump looks like.
  7. This fuel pump came with parts pile. The PO put a pressed steel clacker on it.
  8. Guys: First let me thank you for the replies. I wasn't trying to start a war. I got the alternator working last night. My experience was that the Z Car Creations wiring does work, but the Atlantic Z Car Club does not work. They both connect the #1 and #5 wires, but the Z Car Creations swap connects #3 to #6 while the Atlantic Z Car Club connects #2 to #3. I don't know if there is variation year-to-year. For what it's worth my car is a 1976.
  9. Looks a bit like as battery hold-down clamp. If the early cars had the same rectangular frame as my car, this probably isn't Datsun or at least not 240Z.
  10. Mike may get mad but if you google search and put "classiczcars" at the end, especially if you include the members name before that you'll always get your query answer without going through the word search. I hate seeing every post with "seat" highlighted.
  11. I just took these. Let me know if you need anymore. They are from a 280Z 77 model, but the routing should be close for the 240/260Z.
  12. Okay. Here's a picture of today. The 240Z is back, standing next to his big brother . 2 Icons of 70's USA... Did some work yesterday cleaning up the engine bay and interior, cause it was al dirty from standing all that time in the paint shop. Only problem I know have is that the voltage regulator is shot ( I think the accident last time, that caused the damage gave it a final blow. It was reading 17.2 Volts at idle, so shut it down before frying the wiring.. ), ordered one, and it is on the way from Japan...

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