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Missing door lock bell crank hardware


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I'm trying to reassemble my doors, and I can't find the hardware that attaches the door lock bell crank to the door metal.  A diagram from carpartsmanual.com shows this:


...but I can't find anything resembling 13, 14, or 15 in the parts I removed.  I'm also confused by the fact that the diagram calls out qty 4 for the collar (13).  Were two collars used, with one on each side of the bell crank?  Does anybody know if this collar is metal, or nylon?  Of course I can't find any reproduction parts, and I fear that a homemade solution will provide sloppy performance.

So, does this diagram look correct?  Thanks guys...


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All responses are correct.

Only 2 required for both doors. But they were made in metal or in plastic and changed in size depending on early or late production . The bushing diameters changed according to the hole size in the linkage pivot point. It is a special shoulder bolt.

This is another sub-assembly part you do NOT want lost or damaged.

@Roberts280Z  If you are missing these parts a call for HELP! to @zKars the supreme hoarder of all Z bits and pieces, or to @Captain Obvious the superb machinist and doer of all things Z may be your only hope!!

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credits for help
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I seem to have one of each type.

Small type uses a simple bolt, larger type uses a shoulder bolt. Both are M6

Now you’re going to make me measure everything, aren’t you?

PS. The bottom row larger style would have the same flat/lock/nut as shown in the top set

I’ve certainly found all manner of “user selected” hardware that more or less functions as a rotation point. Not all that critical as long as there is little slop and pivots freely. And will continue to do that for a long time.




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