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  1. Thanks again. The urethane primer is over a variety of surfaces - an older, roughed-up repaint, some filler topped with rattle-can high-build primer, etc. The primer was sprayed on a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking around for more drying solutions. At the moment, I have a small desiccant dryer at the gun, feeding a regulator at the gun. I was indeed able to sand down the donuts with some clearcoat left.
  2. Thanks for the comments. Patcon, you have a good point about the air. I'm using a cheap in-line drier right at the gun, and the humidity here in Houston has been 110% for the last few days. I have had situations where the gun would literally drip water droplets, making huge puddles in the paint. But perhaps there are other variations on the water problem. Better drying solutions are a good bit more expensive, but I will look into it before I do much more. Mark, I've had fish-eye experience before as well, when I didn't properly prep the primer with a proper wipe-down with liquid sand
  3. I'm trying to paint my 280Z. I'm painting individual panels so that hopefully I'll develop better technique when I get to the main bits. I've done urethane primer, and have just started the basecoat/clearcoat on the liftgate. I think the basecoat went on well enough. But, after the second coat of clear, I noticed some imperfections. Here is a picture looking into a floodlight reflection that accentuates the imperfections: There is, of course (for me), a bit of orange peel, but I would be happy with that if that's all I had to cut. But you'll notice the 'big dipper' star conste
  4. I envy your ability to keep your Z garaged - unfortunately mine suffered while it was #4 in line for a place in my 3-car garage. It now has a temporary (3-yr!) spot in the garage during restoration, but when it's completed it will again have to go to the driveway.
  5. I was late to this party with my 280Z, but I am curious who else on here is the original owner of their Z?
  6. Given the fact that I'll be driving this car only infrequently, and will likely never park it or leave it unattended, I'll forego the bumper. Thanks.
  7. Good point. If I wanted crash bumpers, I should have kept the ugly crash bumpers.
  8. I'm 'restoring' my 280Z. Years ago, I removed the big bumpers and put on a full aero kit, as seen here: I assume that this kit was designed to go over 240z bumpers, but I ran for several years with no bumpers at all. Now I've removed the rear part and filled in the holes, and removed the sides, which I think contributed to rusting out the rockers. But I think the front will still look good. So my question is, should I fabricate a bumper to fit under this fiberglass, perhaps from tubular or angle steel? I'm thinking it might provide protection to the radiator and A/C cond
  9. OK, thanks all. The last I looked, I don't think the lens alone was available, so I was prepared for the LED $100 replacement.
  10. Do you have a good extra plastic lens you would be willing to part with? Not sure what parts of the switch you still have, but I've had a bit of success in making contact and springy bits out of a sheet of phosphor bronze.
  11. I can do that with my old GM A-bodies and Chrysler E-body. Nearly 1-inch up/down play. But my Z hinges are still very tight! I guess if I want it better, I'll have to slot the hinge-to-inner-fender mounting.
  12. Now this one looks like it has great hood/fender alignment: ...unlike the silver ones. I'm envious.
  13. I'm currently struggling with panel alignment on my 280Z. It looks to me like the front edge of the hood is too high on this silver car (like mine is). I've tried to raise the fronts of my fenders, but I'm fairly certain that the fenders weren't that high originally. I must also admit that I had to patch my fender tops for about 18" back from the front edge, so that might also be messed up.
  14. This is what my Z looked like in 2006, when it was my younger son's driver. It's too bad I couldn't have garaged it to keep it from turning to crap. It's currently in primer, and my current plan is to paint it Mustang Grabber Blue, with all the chrome bits powder-coated black.
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