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Merry Christmas all

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Eeew, did I get sick. We're gonna be closed until the 4th so a lot stuff was cooked and given away. I had fried chihcken, red velvet cake, potato salad, chocolate fudge pie, cole slaw, peanut butter pie, chicken salad, cured ham, St Lewis ribs, pancakes and sausage from Jacks, coffee, Gatorade, Chelada Bud Lights and something else I'm forgetting all yesterday. Woke up at 1 am and had an upset stomach that took 3 flushes to get down. Wow! What a morning. 

How's that register on the TMI scale? Maybe one of my highest so far...

I'm in it to win it! LOL

I forgot about the veggie soup.

I look like that Blair girl on the Exorcist but much better looking. My dog hid too. Jajajaja


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Merry Christmas!!  Had a great day full of family, fun, gifts, great food, and even karaoke!  😉

Hope you all had a great one. 

Next weekend we get a chance to celebrate the beginning of a new of a new year!  


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We had onion bagels, cream cheese with scallions, and lox for breakfast yesterday (Mrs. Racer is Norwegian). 

For Christmas dinner I fixed  large rib roast, with pearl and onions, small red, purple and yellow potatoes, crimini mushrooms, celery, scallions and my secret concoction of seasonings, roasted in a roasting bag to 140 degrees, then allowed to rest for 15 minutes.

Dessert was fresh baked apple pie, with butter pecan ice cream.

Fixing dinner was one of many gifts for Mrs. Racer as she takes such great care of our home and table all year long.

We also had a surprise, the oldest grandson came home from Fort Benning. He went to basic training last July, and is currently going through the second phase of training. They gave everyone an 18 day holiday furlough, and he surprised us by showing up last Sunday.

It is nice to have some family for the holidays.




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Added picture of dinner!
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