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  1. Found this at the Good Will record section, couldnt resist.
  2. Would the complete nut and bolt set that's offered by Z Depot be correct? Not sure going to get that anal on my build, but then again.... It seems like a convieniant route to have nice hardware, if they in fact correct.
  3. Gotten used to these techniques with this old Datsun metal. It was getting to the point of being such a cold weld that it was causing more problems. Decided to cut a bunch out and patch it. I was just the area that was under the original floor pan up front where its seam sealed.
  4. I dont have pics of it. It was the area where the frame rail was attached on the opposite side that must have a little rust in it. The firewall (footwell) thickness seems a lot lighter than the floor thickness. Maybe old, thin, slightly rusty metal didnt want to cooperate. Maybe of I were a better welder it would work.
  5. Thanks to Terrapin Z (David), He supplied me with a spare lower radiator support for the rearward panel for my crunchy one that will need to be replaced.
  6. Small update. Cleaned up rocker to accept new passenger floor pan. Patching better metal on the front tp accept pan. Was welding up a small patch and kept blowing right through it, kind of strange. I'm blessed with clean rockers.
  7. It looks too much like an S30, or 280ZX, not saying thats a bad thing, but I think auto makers and corporation as a whole try to always modernize their product. Making something thats almost a replica of something in their past may seem a bit hackish. They would get just as much pushback on that design as they do on the real one. But I'm no marketing expert, I'm just a user.
  8. Ha. It takes while to accomplish some tasks. When the power tools touch expensive parts is when you know I have excepted the reality I may be destroying a perfectly good part, and tell my wife our check book may need more depleting.
  9. First time. Had to stare at it for half a day before getting the angle grinder on it. Thanks for the kind comment. Hopefully the frame rails can go as smooth. Been doing odd jobs around the shop to improve welding skills and fabricating.
  10. Passenger floor pan installation. Lucky for me the tunnel is rust free except on small area where I will have to bring up the pan up the vertical slightly. These are pans from Zedd Findings.
  11. This restoration is truly a benchmark. I have to be honest, when I do work on my 73, your car is in my mind. In no way can I be mistaken for a fabricator or restorer, but I have some skills that allow me to do this all the while making mistakes and then correcting them. I'm now at the point of having fun with my restoration, instead of yelling obesities, turning the lights off and stomping off for a beer. I have told my wife on many occasions, that I dont know what the hell I'm doing, but I still go back out there and try. You have inspired me with this build. I acquired another 240 that will need some restoration, and the more I learn from OJT and people like you, it only brings smiles. Thanks so much for sharing.
  12. But at least you're at the point of shooting primer. Congrats.
  13. Anyone successfully plated their own stuff at home? Any firsthand experience?
  14. Let us know when you get it to the house.
  15. Couple things not right with this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Datsun-Z-Series-/324895853223?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  16. It's definitely not a hobby anymore. If I can find a magazine I kept from a few years ago with a 240 on the cover with the heading asking "Is it time to call old Japanese sports cars classics?"
  17. Did this many times in Georgia living in Florida to get clean titles.
  18. $21k for a car that needs some serious work. I'm astonished.
  19. Ekkkkk. Those pictures say many things. Not sure a frame straightener would be able to fix this without some surgery.
  20. Not sure what would be easier, add metal to the doors or unzip the doglegs and just make it right. Lots of work.
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