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  1. Another 72 on BAT. I have never seen a Z with a vinyl roof. Gotta say, it isn’t for me. Looks like crap. The finish around the hatch and alongside the quarter panels is weird. The termination at the lower end of the windshield pillars is unfinished. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-242/
  2. Switches don’t have polarity. They are either normally open or normally closed.
  3. Hoovie has a Daytona? Didn’t know. Hope he didn’t thrash it.
  4. That is a Dodge Charger Daytona. It came that way from the factory. Chrysler also produced the Plymouth Superbird. The cars were manufactured for homolgation so NASCAR teams could run the body style in NASCAR’s top level Cup series. Those cars sell for huge money these days.
  5. My eyes are sensitive to bright light. I’ve been driving since 1970, over 2 million miles. Every vehicle I have ever driven at night the dimmer has always been turned down, usually just bright enough to see the gauges. The dim illumination in the Z has always been just fine for me. Although I welcome an LED replacement, having something that is dimmable is a requirement.
  6. I see recent auctions for S30s have not been drawing the big numbers we saw over the past year or so. But today a low mile 300ZX twin turbo hammered at $95,000. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1991-nissan-300zx-twin-turbo-70/
  7. If it is only when the car is in motion then it has to be in the drivetrain. Transmission, driveshaft, differential, halfshafts, wheel end hubs. Take a close look at the u-joints.
  8. This guy built a digital dimmer. https://woodworkerb.com/home/datsun-240z-rebuild/changing-instrument-lighting/
  9. The bulb sockets should just pull out, but twisting them a bit may help them come out.
  10. OK, finally got it to work. Putin is an arse. Someone needs to give him a 45 cent pill.
  11. Here is a comprehensive write up on the R160 through the R200 differentials: https://www.diyauto.com/manufacturers/nissan/generations/240z/diys/differential-cv-lsd-hp-torque-r160-r180-r200-r230-diff-mount-faq-by-jmortensen Interesting to note that the Rxxx refers to the diameter of the ring gear, I.e. an R180 has a 180mm ring gear, the R200 has a 200mm ring gear.
  12. You won’t be able to change gear ratios by simply changing the ring gear only. The ring and pinion gears are always matched. It doesn’t matter what make or brand of differential. A gear set is machined to work together as a set. So if you have a 4:11 gear set, and a 3:90 gear set, the ring gear from one will not mesh with the pinion on the other. If you want to change gear ratios, the ring and pinion both have to change. Will a ring and pinion from a Subaru R180 fit in a Datsun R180 case? Maybe. But why take them out of a case and put them in another? It takes special tools to set up the pinion bearing preload, as well as training and skills rebuilding differentials, getting the bearings set and the gear wipe pattern correct. If you want an R180 with a given ratio, buy it and swap the whole unit out.
  13. Yes Ryan, it is very readable now, thanks! The progress looks good too. As mentioned, the roof to windshield pillars and roof to quarter pillars are spot welded or brazed, then filled and smoothed with lead. Using a propane torch to melt the lead out usually works well, and after installing the replacement roof using the same torch to place new lead (or the tin substitute used today) also works well. And now, rust mitigation! Have fun.
  14. I did? Sorry, eh? My memory is going. No worries, I don’t think it is anything you’re doing, but rather an anomaly of the forum software.
  15. Um, the 240Z was made for 4 years, not 3. 1970 1971 1972 1973
  16. A patina mobile. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-datsun-280z-83 Hey, it’s got a helical diff. Might be a good candidate for a full makeover if the price doesn’t get too high.
  17. You might have luck with this: https://www.technoversions.com/TachMatch.html
  18. Looks like you’re making headway. Awesome! Trouble is, I use a dark theme, and when you post the text gets formatted black, and the dark theme doesn’t correct dark text to a lighter color, and I can’t read your comments. It looks like this:
  19. IWE passed it up? But their business slogan is “Rear Ends Only!” There used to be a pretty active Datsun community in the greater Vancouver area. Maybe reach out to the SCCBC and see if someone in the club can connect you.
  20. The finish systems in use today don't spray well through a suction (cup on bottom) type spray gun. The materials are high solids, low solvent, and work optimally in a gravity gun (cup on top). For sure, the cheap spray guns on eVilBay are junk. A good Devilbiss gun will get the job done, I bought mine at the local auto body paint and supply house. I do still use my old Devilbiss suction gun, for ordinary lacquer based primer, and metal etching primer, but haven't sprayed topcoat through it for over 25 years.
  21. Cars are bought, sold, registered and licensed based on their model year, not the date of manufacture.
  22. They are called hand stamps (or punches). They come in sets, numbers, letters, symbols, and in various fonts and sizes.
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