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cleaning windshield washer bottle


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Small observation---

I don't think Mike has reproduced the motors----they have been available all along as Trico windshield washer replacement pump #601.

I have bought several from Amazon. He is probably sourcing these in quantity. The terminals have to be changed, but they are otherwise identical to the originals.

Mike sells the alternate terminal ends for adaptation to the 280Z type.

All that said, it is awesome that he HAS reproduced the original bottle and label---authentic in every detail! For those that want correctness and new, it doesn't get any better than this.

The price is very resonable IMHO for him to venture this item to such a small market.

Kudos to him for not cutting corners just to cheapen the price.

Jim D.


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Is that electrical connector Banzai offers the correct one? On my 280Z, the washer pump has a 2 pin AMP connector, similar to the side marker lamps. I cut the connector off to attach to a new pump I bought from an AP store.

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Or you can shell out the money to get a new one fromBanzai Motorworks. On my budget, I'll try the bleaching.
Me too. $200 will buy gas for almost the whole summer.


Please keep some motes, and let us know how well your treatment works. Most people would be satisfied with the patina for normal driving and probably only do it for something like a car show.

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