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  1. Miroux Motorsports out of Belgium campaigns a 240Z with an L28, and closed their garage after someone passing through pointed out an "F54" block is not an L24....which is what they insisted they were running.... VA Motorsports Engineering in Sint Odenroede NL has experiencing preparing FIA Appendix Homogolated S30's. In fact, the owner and some friends are in Finland this weekend attending Rauno Aaltonen's Ice-Racing school.
  2. Sucks this does, missed he will be. Shortly before his migration, his "blunt assessments" were golden elsewhere! I always laugh when I me member this thread: http://www.zcar.com/forum/13-car-talk-forum/226025-i-wuv-you-guys.html
  3. Really like John C said is torque and proper fuel management. The Blue Turd will manage 27mpg if I never go over 65mph and accelerate rationally (not granny-like, but maybe upshifting at 3500 or 4000...) Take that speed up to 80 and the car gets 22mpg---plain and simple, drag increases. At average speeds of 100 I crack to 19mpg... This is an L26, dome tops, late ZX tranny, and 3.7 out back. Now what has shocked me was I thought that was really decent mileage. But three weeks ago, on the way to work (45 miles from my fillup point) the fifth gear shaft nut backed off and locked the tranny in 5
  4. Oh, I got to put Cherdsak onto this guy and meet him next trip to Bangkok. Matter of fact, waiting for a P.O. to go there now! I was at Bangsaen in February (the banner ad on the bangkokclassic front page!) Not any L's I saw...
  5. When I rebuilt my VW, I installed some of the first Pertronix system components available in the USA. I went over 65,000 miles on unleaded gas without TOUCHING A THING. Now, from my historical perspective, I would have to adjust the points every 3,000 miles. Occasionally they would get dirt in them killing the engine (you always wondered why old timers smoked? Becuase that matchbook cover made cleaning points by the roadside a simple matter.) That experience convinced me. I converted my Corvair, and when I got into Z's I put one on my 73 and since 1985 when it was installed it hasn't skipped a
  6. What you have when a compressor is done with it's job of making pressure is hot air, at 100% relative humidity. HEAT makes the ability of air to carry water much higher. Air at 120F can hold 2X the water that air at 85F can---with discharge temperatures of 270+F you can see that the amount of water the air can entrain goes up by factors! Really, regardless of the relative humidity of the inlet air, the air at the outlet of the compressor is ALWAYS 100% saturated air. Unless you are running in Alaska in February and it's like -65F there will ALWAYS be a considerably amount of water to deal with
  7. "Power rose from 60 kw@wheels to 66 Kw@wheels with just the carb upgrade. The exhaust was totally stock. Then I changed the exhaust to headers (6-2-1) and a 2.5 inch pipe and the power rose to 86kw@wheels." That was on a stock L20A right? By Bosch Eddy Current Dyno Check, my L20A all bone stock in my 75 Fairlady Z(s) spun up at 71.34 kw (97PS)! Those numbers weren't an L28, please god tell me they weren't! As for "Pacesetter"---define "Total Crap" because, offhand I'd use that exactly to describe them. And compared to the stuff out of the JDM (or even the current series MSA Offerings) that is
  8. You would think I was Lucifer raping virgin babies by the way I'm treated there. Not that Lucifer would be judged harshly for doing such things there... as long as he didn't tell anybody to search or point out that their own words made them look stupid, not my pointing out their error... I lurk, mainly because I'm running around so much. There's only so much time in the day to play, and I don't have a lot. Less now. I called the 'change' there long ago when I noticed the grooming going on with the clientelle. Sad, but I called it a while back. It became obvious what the goal was. I hope this
  9. Anything swaps to anything else, you just have to do your homework. I have seen BMW 3.0 EFI setups on 3L Z's... The Bosch sensors are all pretty close, and resistors do wonders to trim within ranges that you need.
  10. I see it on the mountians near the house now... That's a 45 minute drive for me, I guess I'll wait till it's gone. Today I used the tractor to move dirt around the back yard. That's what tractors are meant for...in sane climates at least! "What is this 'snow' of which you speak?" Muahahahaha!
  11. The parties involved have apparently been operating separated by at least one stage of intermediaries. Direct contact phone numbers have been exchanged between current posessor of the vehicle, and the person whom holds the legal title on the vehicle. I have been informed by the title holder that contact will be initiated in the morning.
  12. Interesting, it appears he realized Z-People Talk to each other. I will be informing the OWNER of the vehicle that someone is poking around this stuff when I see him at the Z Club Meeting this Evening. I really would have been interested to see the claims being made, and what was in all those 'erased' threads. I don't see any PM's in my box, so I guess finding out someone actually knows who OWNS the car was not something he wanted. If he mentioned taking parts off this car, PLEASE PHONE ME: <EDITED OUT> This car is/was stored 'remotely' from the owner, and if something/someone is horking
  13. I would agree with Curtis' jetting for a stocker. I don't have access to my 44's right now, but the main jet on our 230+ HP Bonneville L28 was 145 or 140 depending on altitude. I think mine were 135's, with either 200 or 220 airs, and 57.5's on idle. Most people add main jet to overcome cruise popping, when in reality up to 3000 rpms and light cruise you're actually running on the idlejets in the Mikuini! 57.5 or 60 is not uncommon when properly set up, with a corresponding decrease in main jet size and great leap in fuel economy. I would routinely run mid 20's on the highway with them, and th
  14. Tony D

    Early 240z

    305 is in the garden true enough. 51 is stored elsewhere. I think 1717 or something like that is back there as well. I haven't checked VINS on those cars since they're 'courtesy storage' for someone else. Lowest I own is 6225 (and the matching RHD one 6330...) That's early enough for me!
  15. Tony D

    Early 240z

    there are two in the garden... Not mine, but stored there, nonetheless. Should I forward photos to Frank? NOT a running car.
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