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  1. Thanks for the reply 26th-Z Ok lets remove the "decent price" part of the question and ask , if you had a built Lgata and a S20 sitting in your garage what one would you go with? To be honest Im planning on building a L Gata stroker but after reading about the S20 I am wondering if it would be worth looking into. I have been looking for info on this engine but it seems to be limited. I'm also wondering if it would be a difficult swap and what is all needed to get it in a usdm 240z. About the FS5C71A transmission, Isn't that the same tranny that is used in the Datsun 2000 Roadster? Is the bell housing the same for the S20?
  2. Man great thread, with all this talk about the S20 I am wondering, if one could get the s20 for a decent price would it be worth it to put it in a 240z over the L Gata? Also what trannys do the 432's originally come with? are they even similar to the L series tranny's?
  3. Thanks for the reply Zforce, I ended up buying a facet pump that seems to be working ok but I am question it reliability. Its psi seems to fluctuate from 5 to 2 psi. it will run at about 5 psi in the beginning then drops down to 2 after driving the car. Is this normal for electric fuel pumps?
  4. Hi All, I have done some searches but i need info asap, my fuel pump is going out and i need a replacement for a triple carbed l28. I mainly need to know what is the recommended psi and GPH that i need to run effectively without regulator. With that said would a pump that puts out 4-6 psi at 32 GPH be too much for the carbs without regulator? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks BTF/PTM.. turns out i need to replace one wheel cylinder or maybe just the dust cover? not sure.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply's guys, I gave it a look right now and it turns out 3 of the drive shaft bolts where loose! everything els looks tight no loose joints that i could find.. Since my car was up skyward I decided to have a look at the rear brakes and im glad i did those things should have been changed yesterday... Is there a pdf instructional on here for drum brake replacment? Ive done drums before years ago but not on a z car.
  7. Hi All, I recently have gotten this issue of vibrating yesterday..probably due to these L.A streets beating on my car .. anyway the vibration appears only around or above 50mph coasting but not under load.. also car has just recently got a clicking noise coasting to a stop while braking near the rear. Not sure if this is all related but it has all happened at once and in the last couple days. Any suggestions? Could this be U-Joint? Thanks
  8. OMG, sorry to hear that man. Ill keep an eye out over here in the OC area
  9. Ok so I'm extremely frustrated, I took my car to a Z specialist, He was recommended to me for tuning my triples, $250 later Im still having issues, it coughs misses and backfires at low end. the only time it runs ok is half to full throttle. I was told this is normal for triples to do sometimes? After taking it to the place to get tuned Im still in the same situation I started... no new jets, still runs ruff and is pissing me off. I even started to mess with it myself and actually got it to run better, But I only have a syncrometer so I can only adjust flow... I don't suppose there is anybody near the 90638 area that could give me a hand is there?
  10. Found out the problem was the air bypass valve was open leaning it out at idle..
  11. ok I will check the level on that carb, btw could float level cause one cylinder to be rich and the other lean? Just thought it was odd since it was like that on just one carb.
  12. Thought I would update this, got the car up and running and its driving pretty good. the tuning is in question though as I have lean pops when cruzing or part throttle in one carb, so i pulled the plugs to see what they looked like and 1-4 turned out to be just about right. 5 & 6 is another story, #5 was rich and #6 was lean?, All the linkages are dead on and opening at the same time so im not sure if its jetting or what. Other than that cars runs pretty hard.
  13. Ok so it has to be at 27mm from the side of the carb body, no more no less. I think the jet tower might be a little higher than the sides so ill use the carb body for reference.
  14. Wanted to ask a question, is it possible for the fuel level to be to low? I check the level of the fuel in the bowls and the fuel sits at about 30mm -32mm down from the top off the jet tower, Is this ok, to low, not enough? I got the floats set at 15.5mm
  15. Well I ended up Belt sanding it with good results. Its nice and straight now. Now all I need is some washers with .125 of an inch step to be able to snug it down. I was thinking on using filed washers but I have to remove half the thickness of the washer to get a step of that size. Would using a washer that thin be a no no? its about .155
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