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  1. I'll be there with the wife, Mon. afternoon til Sat morning. Driving the 300zx because it has a/c. Some of the local club are leaving Sun morning and caravanning down w/an overnight rest. I'm driving straight thru, very early Mon morning.
  2. Here's an interesting website: http://www.licenseplates.tv/1969-california-stat-1569.html You can customize your own replica plates - state/year/numbers and letters. Cost is about $80 delivered.
  3. This is only for a single muffler tip? I would still like to see a vertically stacked dual tip muffler package.
  4. I'm booked also! I see they have 4 Har-tru courts available on site. Who's up for some early morning 4.5+ doubles?
  5. How about separate lines for checking in to the convention? Those who have pre-registered and those wishing to register on the spot. The last thing I wanted to do after the 10hr drive last year, was to wait 2 more hrs to register, Which I didn't the first day. Other than that, all was good last year!
  6. Owners of '06 to early '09 Civics - BEWARE of the smell of leaking antifreeze! My '06 has 65k on it, and I thought I smelled antifreeze leaking. Couldn't find a leak, so I attributed it to running the heat for the first time this fall. Long story cut short - it was the engine block that had a crack in it. It overheated, and I towed to dealer and found out that there is a service bulletin on this issue regarding defective block castings. It was a $3k dealer cost fix, over $5k retail. Honda picked up the tab luckily. I did some internet research, and others were not as lucky with most paying a deductible or some 50%. Now, the previous repairs are being retroactively repaid. I believe Honda has extended the powertrain warranty to 8yrs/unlimited mileage. But after the covered repair, no warranty exists according to my service rep. Don't get me wrong, I still love the car - handling, quick, nimble and 30-40mpg are great. Hopefully, the engine will be now be as reliable as in years past.
  7. They are listed again, but cheaper @ $65 a pair shipped. EBAY Item #110602307867.
  8. The code is 'P20'. I needed a new head light so I went online and this code popped up before the regular header appeared. It works with no minimum as long as you don't purchase an oil change special. I went ahead and picked up some other items for later (Sta-bil). Pretty neat to have it bagged up at the store for pick-up an hour later.
  9. Thanks for the link! I wonder if he got enough footage to make an 'on air' episode. It would make great press and publicity. I'm always surprised when talking to Z owners that I run into on the street, that they know very little about ZCON or the local and national clubs.
  10. I just realized that I posted the incorrect link. Here, is the one for KD#3087: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/KD-Tools-GM-Valve-Under-Rocker-Arm-Spring-Compressor-/230512530036?pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools
  11. This looks like the same one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/K-D-CAR-VALVE-SPRING-COMPRESSOR-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ150481297226QQptZMotorsQ5fAutomotiveQ5fTools
  12. Try 'SSuspect' classified ads here on the site. He's parting out an early 260. I purchased a pair of fresh air intake ducts from him last month at a fair price.
  13. Would have loved to have come, but made plans for Sat. already. Next time, give a little more lead time and I probably could have gotten some buds from the local Md club to come also (350's and S30's).
  14. Put me in for 1, Dave. Pappal coming shortly. Thanks again!
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