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  1. Sorry forgot to say that in this video you see historic racing cars and roadsport cars mixed, its a trailer for a video. In road sport you can do basicly what you want with the car it just has to be 1997 year or older. Did get some info today about the l28 from the motorsport organisation in finland. It is homologated 75. Still waiting if it is homologated like a evolution or just a ad on part. If it is a evolution part then the car has to be probably made to 280z specs lights and stuff like that. I Hope not! if its a "ad on" part you can put it in a 240z for 75year category in fia racing! Im also waiting for a list of parts they banned in group4 racing in 76 by fia. A bit same what happend with rallying in 87 after grop b was banned. So i hope i can use the 2.8 in a 240z?
  2. Hi i have 4pot callipers already on my car they look the same like sumitomo i hope they are the right ones... but in the rear it still has the drum brakes. some videos from historc racing in finland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0adA09ACA8w and rallying action lots of 6cyl music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFUOrA6xfa0 Here is my brothers 355 hp M3 in rally finland last year very nice sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nSzd5E2-Nc unfortunetly he jumped over 45meters on the 2 stage and broke the radiator, oil sump, front suspension, bumper, sump guard and so on.. he was leading RWD class at the moment. WRC cars didnt jump any further.
  3. thanks, were these cars in this video clip 1min40sec fia cars? i dont speak japanese but i understood that it is from 1973 and gts competition???https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h71XNJVCj8k seems to go pretty well and thats how id like my car to look like if its "legal" in europe. we have 2 types of historic racing in finland FIA and roadsport both for old cars only. in FIA car has to be period correct in road sport you see cars like sunbeam stilettos with supercharged suzuki hayabusa engines.. and MK1 cortinas with BMW multilink racing suspension. so if i want race in road sport i just but a 4wd skyline or a WRC car and transplant it in my datsun.. but i ilike my datsun way too much to destroy it. and it was built like a racing car in the US a long time a go so have to get it back racing on the track again. easiest would be to build a Rauno Aaltonen safari replica and sell it for profit. but thats not how my 240z want it im shure of that. i want to build a period correct car not any cheater car. have seen many escorts in historic racing with 3way öhlins adjustble shock absorbers and xenon light pods for example!! thats just wrong if you ask me. for historic racing the car has to be 100% period correct exept safety equipment rollgage and so on. thats how i feel. if they ever raced on track with 240z in europe is there separate group 4 or 5 homologation papers for it? or did they use different homologations for them? fairlady z called in japan did it have different homologations in japan? or maybe us did they do racing under FIA there?? for example a Lexus is is 6 cylinders in europe and when they started to make them like rally cars in finland they used toyota altezza (same car but 4 cylinders engine in japan) fia homologation papers for them to put the altezza 4 cyl motor in the car... less weight for rally use. maybe they have done stuff like this in the past too?? and some people say its ok in a 240z from year category 75up with a 2.8liter engine? its homologated in my papers too but as a fuel injected motor and underlined 280z. but my papers came with the car and seems to be some missing and also dirty and poor quality.
  4. thanks for all the useful info. ive had the car for 6 years now and done nothing to it its imported from the states and has imsa fenderflares on it now. looks like about the same that bob sharp cars had the small ones with the standard front end (not the g nose vwide fender) its been standing in a car museum a few years now next to a NISMO skyline gtr r32 1 of 3 group N cars in europe in the motorsport section. very nice skyline by the way 100% original and never restored. were these cars running under FIA? any body know? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAcyY4Sv70o in the text it says year 71 and ly28 2870cc thats how i would like to make my car.. i have the group 3 homologation papers just to a look at them and im shure there are papers missing. is there group 4 or 5 homologation papers separetly to order? here is some specs about the GTS car http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/datsun-and-nissan-fairlady-z-heritage
  5. the l28 was homologated by fia in 1975 îf i remember right dont have the fia papers with me here now i have them. also all the body work is in the papers fiberglass bonnet, trunk , doors fenderflares gnose etc etc. but the thing im interessted in has anybody built a car like this in europe and where can i find the parts. in finland in historic racing we go 100% to fia rules exept you can use in local events tyres like yokohama "dot" trackday tyres if they are the same dimension (cause there cheaper and have about same grip as 70s racing slicks) i built escorts MK1s and other cars but in finland they sold only 10-15 new 240z brand new!! and finland was the first country in europe where they sold datsuns. mostly 100a and cheaper stuff. and we probably have the most famous datsun drivers in the world also like Rauno Aaltonen and Timo Salonen. but no info anywhere how to build a proper 240z for the track same like they used in japan that was under fia rules also, they used LY engines but i will use the L28 because cant probably afford a LY engine and i dont want to destroy one either. Tech stuff should be the same everywhere in the world if you get a FIA HTP for the car. and i want to know where to buy the parts or how to produse them. ps bdg escorts and porsches i like to beat hehe
  6. Hi again has there been any 240z in historic racing in europe? rules should be the same in all countries at least in europe?? i am planing to use the l28 engine wich was homologated for the 240z in 1975 if i remember right. so that would put the car in FIA period H (1.1.1972-31.12.1976): GROUP 4 .
  7. Hi, What would be the best fia 240z build? for historic racing of course (in europe)! l28 bored up to 3 liters should be ok? dry sump? gearbox? rearend? chassie? fia vs imsa parts .... group 4 body parts fenders gnose.. what parts can be made of glassfibre? horsepower and service interwalls also interresting and the cost of parts in europe. BR Maza 240z 1972
  8. Rauno Aaltonen's driving lessons. - YouTube rally professor rauno aaltonen about scandinavian flick
  9. Thanks! I will tell the vin number when im back home after the holidays!! Merry Christmas.
  10. Hi i bought a old rally / racing 240z a while ago and im planning to build a historic racing car of it! the car is from the states! does any body know any history about the car it would be fun to know!! check out the pics!
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