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  1. Try BPR6ES-11 . Wider gap . You will love your ZT carbs.
  2. I installed Vitaloni Baby Turbo on my 240z. They are not too large and the convex option on the passenger side is great. The adjustment range is very good on these mirrors.
  3. Check Ebay. I acquired one a month ago.
  4. I purchased one from yoesheadporting.com It is a very well made aftermarket part. It has been working great for me.
  5. jackmau

    Tool bin trim

    That is great help. Thank You zKars.
  6. jackmau

    Tool bin trim

    Anyone know of a supplier for the 4 pieces of rubber trim (2 per bin) that keep the tool bin lids from rattling when closed. Mine are missing. I'm sure some basic trim could be ordered and cut to fit. Just wondering if anyone knows of a vendor that carries the edge trim or a size that has worked well.
  7. I used a die from my tap and die set and carefully cleaned my threads. I can now break them loose and turn with fingers. Its hard to put seats in their position without scraping threads a little on my car and who knows who removed them in the past and didn't use care but mine were a pain to remove even with ratchet wrench. Now its not bad at all to remove seats now and we all know how much easier things are to work on without them in car.
  8. I don't understand the delete the smog line. Doesn't it just connect to the vapor tank. All the other connections look the same.Filler,vent,vent,vent,supply,return. Tank looks good to me. Can someone explain how to delete this line that goes to the flow valve on a 240z.
  9. AK260 could you please post your MAP curve that you are using. Thanks
  10. Thanks for checking on that and the other replies guys.
  11. Sorry forgot to mention in first post my car is 10/1971 240z. All the kits mention S30 so don't know if anything changed over the years. With such light torque specs just want to make sure I get it right.
  12. Just checked Carpartsmanual.com and it looks like lock or spring washers on the (2) 8mm and long 6mm and no washers on the(2) short 6mm. Looking forward to what you have Av8ferg in the morning when you check. Thanks man.
  13. I have some anti-seize is that what you are referring to or something else. Thanks
  14. Thanks. Looking at the various vendors on line sales pictures of kits, they seem to vary or they are hard to see the type.
  15. Could someone tell me what type washers go with the (2) 6mm short bolts,6mm long bolt and (2) 8mm bolts. Lock,flat,or both. Thanks.
  16. I bought new door cards from Zcardepot that were black and painted them white with SEM paint and they turned out great. Taped off the chrome trim. They come with replaceable fuzzy strips that slide in place.
  17. Did a brake upgrade on my 240z which included a 280zx master cylinder. The two side bleeders made the air filter cover not fit so we cut the ends off them and it fits now but scrapes still. Can I replace these with 7mm x 1 bolts so the clearance is better or does it require special plugs? Thanks.
  18. Motorsport and Whitehead Performance list these wheels.
  19. Ordered some Rota Grid V 15x7 4x114.3 0 offset Gunmetal Royal lip wheels and was told 2-3 month wait. No problem with that but checking up on order was informed 2 more months. Out of curiosity called another well known Datsun parts supplier who advertises same wheels and was told 10-12 months. Why does it take this long?
  20. Thanks man will give it a shot when I get them delivered. Vendor posted they might not fit.
  21. Is there a lower profile dust cap available so that my Rota Grid V wheel caps will fit or is hammer flatter or do without only option.
  22. Yeah sorry for the previous post of wrong part #. It is 76840-76841 thanks for posting that 240260280.
  23. Thanks for the pics. Those are the exactly the sets I have. The top left and right seals are given how they mount with their groove that fits only one way nicely. The lower ones have a notch in them and every picture I've seen online has them differently placed or the picture is too grainy to tell. Getting Wick's book tomorrow so maybe I'll be able to see better true placement.
  24. Yeah those are correct for mounting on door. The ones I have mount on quarter window vertical and body of car.
  25. Those are not what I have. Mine came from Motorsport 34-1014 left. 34-1015 right. Never seen those placed there. Are those a new improved style maybe.
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