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    Bought a ‘72 Z in April, 2018. It hadn't run for 10 years., but does now. Just finished renewing the brake system. Currently assessing and making a project plan. Thanks for all your advice so far!

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  1. Hi All, ('72 240Z) My seat belt buzzer won't sop buzzing with ignition on and only the driver on board. It does not buzz when in neutral. Where is the problem likely occurring? What should I check, and in what order? Could the issue be under the passenger seat? Thanks!
  2. Update: I turned the linkage 180 degrees where it connects to the motor "drive shaft". All good now. (Duh!) Thanks all!
  3. Hi all, I've reinstalled my wiper motor & linkage after cleaning & rust proofing the area under the cowel on my '72 240Z. But now my wipers are turning backwards! When I turn them on, they begin with a counter-clockwise rotation (when view from the front bumper). They want to wipe the cowel. Has anyone run into this? I figure that I either assembled the linkage in correctly, or switched the polarity somehow... huh. Any other hypotheses, sage advice? Thanks as always!
  4. It's a street car/driver. So OEM bushings? Anything else I'll run into but forgot to ask? Thanks all - luv you guys!
  5. Hi I have a old pair of Minilites that I'd like to refurbish. They're dull and corroded. What are my options? Pros & Cons? Someone told me I should paint them...Really?!?! Can't I polish? Here are some pics...Please lemmee know your thought y'all! Thanks! Jughead
  6. Zedheads, Trying to wrap my mind around the next phase of my project which is a suspension/steering rebuild. Lot's of old, disintegrating bushings. Not sure where to start/how to approach, so figured I'd reach out for advice. Specifically: Both front and back ends need TLC. Does it matter which end I start with? Which is easier? 🙂 What are the biggest "gotchas"? What's gonna make me want to cry? What else should I do while in there? (diff mounts, engine mounts, wheel bearings, etc.) What are the pros/cons of using OEM versus Poly bushings? Any product recommendations What are the best struts to use? For the front end, is it worth it to drop the whole suspension assembly (cross members)? If so, how does one support the engine? Same question for reinstall. For the rear end... ...is it really best practice to BURN the moustache bushings out, rather than pressing them out? ...is it worth it to drop the whole assembly (diff, drive shafts) as one? Same question for reinstall. ...what's the best mounting option for the front diff Any other insight, advice, tips, warnings, heads-ups, best practices mush approeciated!
  7. Zed Heads, Anyone recognize these? Pretty sure they're shims. Door latch, maybe? (I hate having left-over parts!) Thnx, jughead
  8. I'll be the first to say it: I would SERIOUSLY reconsider restoring this car. I'm 1/2 way thru restoring a '72 240 myself, including replacing floor pans, rockers, dog legs, hatch area, spare tire area. & front fenders. I'm doing all the work myself and am very familiar with with you're up against. Based on your pics, your car is in much worse shape than mine was when I started. This is will be very labor intensive work and it will cost well over $8K to have someone do a decent job. My advice: Cut your losses. Find a decent, relatively rust-free project car for ~ $5K and restart from there. Sorry to be the one to tell you this. Good luck! Jughead
  9. ZedHeads, Whats the best way to install the "DATSUN" fender emblems. I juts got my new one and want to make I do it right the first time. Is it as simple as pushoing the posts thu the holes until the lock washers engage? Glue recommended? Anything else? THANKS!!!!
  10. Both. I've received the rubber and it looks good. Anyone know how best to attached the rubber to the chrome piece?
  11. @jfa.series1: I don't understand how pop rivets work. Don't they get in the way when you put the chrome piece back on the door?
  12. I wonder how much metal I'd have to grind off to see a difference.
  13. @Patcon: I wasn't able to find the thread by searching. Could you help with a link or search string, etc? Thanks!
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