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  1. Yeah sorry for the previous post of wrong part #. It is 76840-76841 thanks for posting that 240260280.
  2. Thanks for the pics. Those are the exactly the sets I have. The top left and right seals are given how they mount with their groove that fits only one way nicely. The lower ones have a notch in them and every picture I've seen online has them differently placed or the picture is too grainy to tell. Getting Wick's book tomorrow so maybe I'll be able to see better true placement.
  3. Yeah those are correct for mounting on door. The ones I have mount on quarter window vertical and body of car.
  4. Those are not what I have. Mine came from Motorsport 34-1014 left. 34-1015 right. Never seen those placed there. Are those a new improved style maybe.
  5. Yeah been researching it and everyone seems to have them mounted differently. Common theme is most on door frame but definitely overlaps to vertical window trim. I just ordered wick's book so maybe that will help.
  6. Yes that is it. Thank you. I didn't realize that much was actually on door frame.
  7. Its labeled Rubber-Side Window 76841-E4100
  8. No this piece is a small square rubber piece for glueing on bottom of vertical trim. Slight difference in driver side and passenger.
  9. 1972 240z. Sorry I did'nt include that.
  10. Could someone please post a picture of the proper placement of this glued on piece. Thanks
  11. jackmau

    New Pertronix 2 questions

    Tach works fine. Heard coil was for am radio static suppression and wasn't needed so just put it in the parts saved box.
  12. jackmau

    New Pertronix 2 questions

    Ended up attaching shorter B/W wire and red igniter wire to + coil. Black igniter to - coil. Removed ballast and connected longer B/W wire and G/W wire together with double male spade connecter. Removed coil condenser. Set timing by test driving. Runs great.
  13. I have a new Pertronix 2 Igniter and Flamethrower 2 coil I would like to install in my 10/71 1972 240z. Car currently has Pertronix 1 and 1.5 coil that is wired to ballast resistor. How do I bypass the resistor? I know to attach red igniter wire to positive coil and black igniter wire to negative coil. Do I attach black/white wire on previous coil to new coil positive side with igniter red wire? Then can the other black/white and green/white wire be attached to the same post on resistor to bypass them? Condenser at distributor is unplugged, what about condenser at coil can it be removed? I attached a picture of current set up of Pertronix 1. Thanks for the help.
  14. jackmau



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