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  1. jackmau

    New Pertronix 2 questions

    Tach works fine. Heard coil was for am radio static suppression and wasn't needed so just put it in the parts saved box.
  2. jackmau

    New Pertronix 2 questions

    Ended up attaching shorter B/W wire and red igniter wire to + coil. Black igniter to - coil. Removed ballast and connected longer B/W wire and G/W wire together with double male spade connecter. Removed coil condenser. Set timing by test driving. Runs great.
  3. I have a new Pertronix 2 Igniter and Flamethrower 2 coil I would like to install in my 10/71 1972 240z. Car currently has Pertronix 1 and 1.5 coil that is wired to ballast resistor. How do I bypass the resistor? I know to attach red igniter wire to positive coil and black igniter wire to negative coil. Do I attach black/white wire on previous coil to new coil positive side with igniter red wire? Then can the other black/white and green/white wire be attached to the same post on resistor to bypass them? Condenser at distributor is unplugged, what about condenser at coil can it be removed? I attached a picture of current set up of Pertronix 1. Thanks for the help.
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