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  1. Wally

    Bolting in Seats

    I have the 71 240z with series 1 seats, an adjustment knob... Seats were out when i bought car. I am now ready to get them back in. I have seat in with front nuts on. The back nuts are the issue. Taking into account the carpet its virtually impossible to even get one hand underneath to tighten nuts much less two hands. Anybody else have this issue? what did you do? I am contemplating taking off the back rest to see if that will help me a little bit.
  2. thanks... big help there. I think i found what i needed at zstore.com (if they are in stock)
  3. i actually meant the part that covers this. Is there some kinda leather vinyl piece that snaps into it?\
  4. I need to buy panels for the left and right side below each door handle... is this called the rocker panel? I usually buy from Z Car depot but i dont see anything there. I might be calling it the wrong thing? thanks
  5. This tube has been cut and not attached anywhere....any idea what its supposed to be doing? At right front.
  6. I have out my back right quarter window on 240z. i bought all new weatherstrippings and put them on. Now it is Tight.... i am mean too tight. I have the weatherstripping on right and solidly. However, even with me pushing the window in with everything i have it still will not line up with the holes. I compared the weatherstripping with the OEM on my left side and its definitely thicker. Anyone else run into this issue?
  7. installing a cd/mp3 player. for a wire controlled by terminal switch, meaning power comes on when you turn the key on.... what do ya'll use? Do you connect it straight to fuse block
  8. I think its the door jam button for light now that i investigate now
  9. Anybody off hand know what these are for?
  10. Wally

    voltage meter

    anyone got a recommendation for a good car voltage meter. Would like a pen one that goes down low to test hot wires for stereos and such
  11. thanks. i ordered these. we will see
  12. was taking off the water inlet and the bottom bolts head snapped off like butter. I hit the bolt with lots of penetrating oil and let it sit. got some vise grips on bolt sticking out and it snapped off. Drill small hole in center of bolt put in an extraction bit that was hardened steel. More penetrating oil. First turn the extraction bit broke of in the bolt hole. SIGH..... Any thoughts?
  13. Gotya. I wasnt sure if bullets were standard on the 240z or the connector in the image.
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