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  1. I bought a set of the R15 Konig Rewinds 4x114.3 graphite with machined lip. Anyone recommend what set of lug nuts will fit this? Guy at discount tire asked if acorns will fit....i have no idea
  2. thanks. 2 other things. 1) machine lipped....does this matter? 2)offset. is there a certain offset needed, if any
  3. By saying speed is more difficult you mean acceleration? I am only planning to use it as a casual cruiser btw
  4. I like the King Rewinds. As for 15 or 16.....i will consider 16s but just seemed like too much for my taste. just imo the 15 looked better
  5. Can someone give me an idea where to start with this? DO i pick out the tires first or wheels? based on what i have read in other posts here a good wheel/tire is 205/50R15? Would a bolt pattern 4x100 be the proper one for a 71 240z? I see some that are 110 or 114....not sure about that
  6. I have seen lot of posts here....many seem to say all car covers can scratch or damage car paint.... I have to move my car by trailer. Cant seem to get a covered car hauler.... So i am wondering if there are any car covers that might prove useful while transporting a car?
  7. sorry for taking so long to reply. with battery connected and key off s terminal is at 12.34 (as expected) L terminal at .01 (as expected) with battery connected and key on at L terminal .01 (not expected, battery voltage) I am including some images of me using meter with results. Also a couple of connections. Not sure where to go from here. If i had to "guess" i would say i likely messed up the alternator conversion plug somehow
  8. went ahead with splice instead of ordering new connector. 3 wires are still in the upgrade adapter. i did connect the white with the yellow wire as advised. from what i read things are correct. There is that long black with white stripe wire going off this harness area towards the front bumper.....will try to see what that is tomorrow. have done enough damage for one day 🙂
  9. thanks. It appears both caps are unusable they wont fit and stay in place. Thus i guess they came off. I can replace those easy enough. I have the tank virtually empty, maybe 1/4 gallon or less in it. Is this an item recommended to replace when you are refreshing a datsun or move of a leave it alone unless its broke?
  10. Sorry i didnt ask that well. I understand what you are telling me to do. Was just curious if i put that snipped wire back into the wiring harness like i think it should be would that also do the trick
  11. Can someone tell me what this wire set is for or goes to? That will give me a place to start research how to connect them up. Thanks
  12. Ok So leave the other 3 wires in the motorsports cap off plug and leave it connected right?
  13. replaced the wheel cylinders. trying to put the springs back on for each shoe. Not easy. Anyone got a trick to do this? Is it a 2 person deal?
  14. here are a few images. I think everything is hooked back up properly with the new, working alternator. I am concerned about the wiring harness for the voltage regulator. I have i capped off as you can see but there is a wire that is snipped off. I didnt do this the car came like that. So i am wondering if it needs to be connected back to the harness side of the plug> there are 2 open spots. The corner spot has nothing there and looks like it never did. The open middle though looks to have a connector in there...... so it is possible this wire broke off or something.
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