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  1. SteveJ....can i fly you out to my house for a couple days? 😀
  2. ok should be up now. I tried to post image of car and it was too big...i think that is what stopped it.
  3. can i tag onto this thread... was bleeding all my front and back and read right looks bad. You can see in image about where fluid is coming out. i assume just replace the wheel cylinder. Is it that difficult to do?
  4. OK. think i got the signature thing done. Also here is a cleaner images. Other side of connector towards firewall is black, red/black, blue. On connector side that has wire ends is black, green, red(no stripe) Maybe i should re-wire connector using same colors? Wow....i was way off. Ot really sure where this will go now. Maybe its on the steering column if its something to do with high power beams thanks!
  5. I have a group of 3 wires near the fusebox that are just loose? Trying to look at various electrical diagrams best i can tell they are horn relay? anyone know for sure
  6. Yep, Not too far from Houston. about 95 miles out. Dont think i need anything but If i can help let me know. i get to houston every once in a while.
  7. Wally

    Ignition wire

    I did some. A couple videos said not to use a ballast resistor with this setup. However, the car came with with the pertronix and and resistor was installed. I did take a few photos of this before disassembling everything for paint. The car did run....not that great admittedly. So that confuses me a little. Do i use the resistor or not and if not then what to do with those extra wires too.. The setup in this google search seems fairly simple but again there will be a lot of leftover wiring....maybe that is normal though. I may need to outsource this part of the re-build
  8. Wally

    Ignition wire

    thanks all. that was a big help. 2 more questions on this ignition if i may. I think i have the ignitor II setup as well. I have the red wire hooked up on the coil right, but the black wire i circled in image 2797...does it ground to the chassis? I am thinking thats where it was originally Last in image 2798. I know i have one end of wire hooked up properly on the ballast resistor mount (at least thats the way it was when i bought the car originally). I can find where i put the other end though?
  9. Wally

    Ignition wire

    I have a few ignition questions please. Here are the first 2. 1. the black wire (with yellow wire). Any idea what it is or where it goes. It was broke off when i bought the car. 2. the other green circle beside the the red wire has a fork that goes somewhere. Should it just go under one of the screws? thanks much
  10. Roger that. will an upgraded alternator cause an issue with the ammeter. I believe the gauge goes up to 45 and the new alternator ideally puts out 70+
  11. There are no letters on back of my alternator (at least i dont see any) Before i cut the wire to add a new larger diameter connector for the B terminal let me make sure i understand. 1) image 2793, its the "ground" and has 2 wires connected to it, one of which is the condensor body? 2) image 2795 is the wire coming of the condensor (with the fork) it goes to this "B terminal" for total of 2 wires there? 3) This wrong hookup....its likely its what burned up the fusible link on starter? Steve, dont worry, i can 100% guarantee i will make another bonehead move...p
  12. thanks! i assume this was the issue then. i moved that wire to B terminal like said. The item in at top, condensor?, it has a wire with fork on other end. I have left it where it was original with other wire in black circle. Will that be an issue?
  13. I dont. I can take an image of the alternator though. Not sure if it helps? One of the nuts toward the bottom was loose. i drew a circle in black around it. Maybe this is the culprit. New alternator with the new connector type and i did use the voltage reg blockoff
  14. Shorted and burned the wire soon as i hooked it up. You can see where it burned out. Can anyone see how i hooked it up wrong? I have the black fusible link right behind the red battery terminal wire. Was i supposed to put it on the other post/nut right next to that one?
  15. How would you suggest bending them? Any special method or just brute force? I would buy a pair of OEM if i could find them but cant. Car didnt come with any on it when i purchased so cant do any refurb.
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