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Door Cards needed

Don McNabb

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Looking for door cards for a 72 240. I have new white skins for my car. I have been told the original door cards are no good. Can I buy new black complete door panels and remove the black skin and put a white skin on it. If not, does anyone have a suggestion on a good interior shop that know the Z in order to get it rebuilt. I have 90% of the interior already bought. Thanks in advance. Also looking for 4 wheels that will take the original hub cap for a 72. I have the caps. In fact I have an extra set for sale

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I bought new door cards from Zcardepot  that were black and painted them white with SEM paint and they turned out great. Taped off the chrome trim. They come with replaceable fuzzy strips that slide in place. 

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I switched phones and did not save any of my contacts. I would feel relieved if you were to do the interior. The guy who I asked to do it really does not know what you do about the car. Many do not know what you know about the 240. He has never done one and I am sure it will not be a complete job. But if you cannot or do not have the time I understand. 

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