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  1. Hello...I am restoring a 1973 240z. I would appreciate your opinion on fuel tanks. My original has rust holes, but is undented. I bought a tank that has no rust and has been cleaned and sealed on the inside and coated on the outside with an unattractive undercoating. The problem is...it has dents on the bottom where someone must have backed over something. Just looking for your thoughts. I want to look under the car and see a nice gas tank...Thanks, Ryals

    1. wheee!


      You may be able to push the dents out from the inside if they are within reach of the filler neck opening, or conversely, pull them out with a suction style puller or glue puller from the outside. I agree that it makes little sense to replace a tank and not make it look nice too. When my tank was out, I also did a small amount of bondo smoothing to the bottom before painting it to make it look super smooth....

  2. I will gather all of the parts to be plated and (hopefully) all will be acceptable to the plater. I saw on Zeddsaver's website a picture of the hood hinges in Yellow Zinc. Mine are painted body color (115 Metallic Blue)...anyone care to comment...? Thanks for the help...!
  3. All I am saying is that the Copper Nickle finish on the FedHill Cuniform line was very red and I would like a gold / yellow finish on the lines. I spoke with a plater in Atlanta yesterday who reluctantly (but benevolently) agreed to plate whatever I brought him in Yellow Zinc as long as it is not stainless. I don't want to be chastised by guys on Bring A Trailer for using stainless lines (God forbid) when I can just as easily do them in plated mild steel and be factory correct. I am surprised that no company offers the hard lines (bulk or pre-bent) in a gold cad finish...or do they...? I am new to the World of Datsun...been around Triumph TR4's all my life, so be patient...please...!
  4. I just wonder if installing stainless lines will hurt the value of a high-end restoration...? And if so, by how much. I have so much in this one that I am probably going to have to sell it when finished. I ordered Copper Nickel line from FedHill but the color was way off of the Yellow Cadmium of the rest of the parts in the engine bay.
  5. Huge decision to make...Stainless hard lines or mild steel and then have them cadmium plated...? I like the idea of stainless, but have been told there can be sealing issues at the fittings. I have made the decision that pre-bent is the way to go and there isn't that much of a cost difference between SS and mild steel. I don't know the cost of plating, but can't imagine that it isn't cheap. It also stalls the work on the car. Opinions, please...!
  6. I found a set of four on Ebay. Looks like 2 are almost perfect, 1 is very, very nice...but the fourth one will not go on my car in the shape that it is in. So I am now looking for one or even two that are immaculate. And on that note, I have at least 4 to sell that need restoration.
  7. Does anyone know of a source for restoring the original (but not the "D" type) of 240z wheel covers...?
  8. View Advert 240-Z Headers New Pacesetter Headers and Y-Pipe for the 240-Z...not sure if they will fit the L-28, but there is a hole for the O2 sensor, so I would think so. Those who know more about this, feel free to write. I was thinking $225.00 for the set. Thanks...Ryals in North Georgia Advertiser Tirnipgreen Date 03/28/2019 Price $225.00 Category Parts for Sale  

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    New Pacesetter Headers and Y-Pipe for the 240-Z...not sure if they will fit the L-28, but there is a hole for the O2 sensor, so I would think so. Those who know more about this, feel free to write. I was thinking $225.00 for the set. Thanks...Ryals in North Georgia


  10. Thanks for the pic, Wilkes. I like the reverse elbow mod.
  11. I would never delete all of the vents. I will leave the big one that is connected to the filler neck. But the two small ones go nowhere with the elimination of the evap tank...which is EPA nonsense. If anyone ever wanted to put it all back, they will have the parts to do so...along with the flat top carbs.
  12. Carl...Thanks...! I am going to eliminate the vents all together when I have a shop clean the tank. I was thinking of having the outside waterjet blasted and powdercoated. Any thoughts...? Thanks again...Ryals 1973 240-Z 115 Blue / White interior
  13. Thanks to both of you for chiming in. I am a Triumph guy venturing in to new territory with this Z project. EPA BS killed British Leyland as things got so complicated fuel system-wise. I am very familiar with SU's from my TR world, I bought a bunch of Z parts and a new set of Webers was included in the lot. I have round tops to fall back on...just wanted to see what the downdrafts would do. The tank issues with respect to venting are the big thing for me. Seems like the time to eliminate what I can as no EPA numb-nut is going to be knocking at my door asking to inspect the car. And if that expansion tank can be eliminated, I will put it on the shelf with the flat tops...! I am really enjoying working on the 240...a little tired of the same old British rut. Although I will never sell my TR4...!
  14. I have a 73 240-Z. Restoration getting out of hand, but I shall see it through. We dropped the gas tank and have the interior panels out. I am wondering what items can be eliminated completely or closed off with plugs, etc. There is a tank in the cargo area on the right side that is probably useless...maybe some of the gas tank fittings as well. I am running earlier SU carbs but have a new set of Weber downdraft carbs to install if they are a better bet. All comments appreciated...Ryals in north Georgia
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