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  1. Has anyone else had to make major modifications in the firewall insulation panel which was manufactured by Distinctive industries...? I purchased the board from MSA for my 3/73 car and am having a hell of a time getting it to properly fit. I realize there was an asterisk by the "73" for compatibility...but the trimming and cutting and shaving, etc...! Just a little frustrating...
  2. Jim...Thanks for the response. I know the original (previous) owner. He told me that when the original antenna went bad, he replaced it with a manually operated unit that then was broken off and subsequently replaced with a coat hanger...which is the way I got the car from him. I hate to "go cheap" on this item, but the budget has already been blown 4 times my original notion. That being said, and knowing I will never turn the original radio on, I am up for anything respectable...Ryals
  3. Hello...I have a 1973 240-Z that needs an antenna to fill the hole where the original one once was. I would love an original, but I am not willing to spend the kind of money that I see them for on Ebay, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion for a respectable alternative...? I really don't care if it works...it could even be completely manual. I just want it to look good and retract fully. Thanks for your help...Ryals in north GA.
  4. Is there some kind of retainer ring (etc) that holds the inner rubber shifter boot in place...? I see nothing in the parts diagrams. I am guessing that the shifter end gets smeared with grease and then installed with the pin and nylon bushings with the "E" clip. Then the small rubber boot goes over that. But shouldn't there be something that holds it in place...? Help...!

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    I am looking for a really nice ( prefer NOS) right side seat hinge cover for 240-Z


    - US

  6. View Advert WTB - Right Side Seat Hinge Cover I am looking for a really nice ( prefer NOS) right side seat hinge cover for 240-Z Advertiser Tirnipgreen Date 03/19/2021 Price $50.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1973 Model 240z  
  7. The sills were a thick, black, heavily-grained vinyl. The kit that I bought from MSA was much thinner and non-grained vinyl. I had carefully removed my originals, cleaned them up and am glad I did...! I returned the set to MSA and am very happy with the result. Your car had diamond vinyl on the transmission tunnel, the vertical surface behind the seats, the wheel arches and the rear strut towers (6 pieces). The transmission tunnel had jute padding underneath, the other pieces were adhered to the metal without padding. The diamond vinyl kit from MSA is VERY authentic. It is made by SEATZ Manufacturing and I cannot speak more highly about the quality. I chose to use a very thin (1/16") padding under the wheelarch and strut towers with excellent results. I also filled in the depressed areas of the luggage riser panel behind the seats with 1/4" foam...again, excellent results. I used 1/8" foam under the transmission tunnel and it turned out great after smoothing some of the original sound deadening material with a small disc sander. Original carpet was a nylon loop with whip-stitched edge binding. I bought the 5 piece kit from MSA. The edge binding is somewhat loose and I wonder what Newark's is like. I also like their 7 piece configuration, while not original, it provides pieces for directly under the seats. Carpet kits are available that eliminate the diamond vinyl all together and it is your choice as to what direction to go. I love the diamond vinyl and paid the price for professional install...well worth it in my book. All the best...Ryals in Ellijay, GA
  8. I have a question concerning the metal radiator fan shroud. It is my understanding that the full metal shroud was added to a 240z when the dealer added optional Air Conditioning. True or untrue...? If true, was the small metal fan guard removed from the top tank of the radiator or was it left on...or was a different radiator fitted altogether...? Thanks for any insight...Ryals
  9. Does anyone know of a source for White diamond vinyl interior kit...? I hired a "professional" to install the kit I bought almost 2 years ago and he butchered all 5 pieces. I ordered a kit on December 1, 2020 and have yet to receive it...nor have any of my inquiries as to a delivery date been answered. I am wondering if anyone knows of a set that might be for sale. Thanks...Ryals
  10. Is it really a "sin" to install cut pile carpet in a 240...? I also like the 7 piece set that has carpet under the seat. Comments and / or criticisms...?
  11. My issue with the battery cable set was...after removing the cover, what does the terminal look like. If it doesn't look like the original, then I am not paying $200.00 for it.
  12. If they are so perfect, why does he cover the negative terminal with the black rubber cover...? I believe only the positive side came with the black rubber cover. I asked for a picture of the terminal without the cover and never heard back. I will say that anything I have ever bought from Steve has been top notch.
  13. Mike's stuff comes from Distinctive Industries. I cannot speak for the door panels, but I saw a set of DI diamond vinyl that was foam backed and "puffy". Seatz Manufacturing reproduces diamond vinyl that truly does replicate the original. I find Mike at Banzai difficult to deal with. He cancelled an order of mine because I questioned him on the "puffy" nature of DI's product. Just Saying...
  14. View Advert Series 2 Air Cleaner Housing Freshly powder coated air cleaner housing. Very nice albeit rust through at the snout (see pics). Included are 1 good inner gasket and one that can be pieced together and used without issue. No outer gasket. I do have the wing nut bolts with washers...not refinished. Shipping extra. Advertiser Tirnipgreen Date 12/08/2020 Price $95.00 Category Parts for Sale  
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