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  1. None of the parts houses have a radiator with the fan guard. I really don't want to solder the flap onto a new $350.00 radiator and ruin the factory finish. The radiator shop I deal with says "they paint radiators all the time". There is nothing like a factory finish.
  2. BTW...Motorsports sells the braided heater hoses, but lists them for 70 - 72 only. I am switching to the 70-72 style wrap-around-the-back coolant pipe as I have gone with roundtops and the earlier crossover and intake. I assume the heater hoses will work...what say any of you...?
  3. I think I have made my decision. Even though I bought smooth rubber heater hoses, I will buy the braided set (3 pieces) and the short reducer. I will use smooth rubber on the radiator hoses as they are much easier to replace than the heater hoses. Now another quandary...I have a new aluminum radiator ready to install and I don't mind the look. My issue is, again...originality. I have yet to find a new radiator with the little fan guard. Pulling my hair out in north Georgia...!
  4. I thought that keeping the smooth on left side and braided on the right might be an acceptable compromise....
  5. My 1973 240z restoration is at a standstill. I am having a hard time dropping the big bucks on the braided hoses for the heater, radiator, power brake booster, etc. Are they really necessary for a car to be respected...? I can't seem to find the power brake booster hoses in smooth rubber like the heater and radiator ones. I found a smooth rubber reducer for left side of the engine so at least everything on that side would be smooth including the radiator hoses, if I went "cheap". I love the braided look, just amazed at the pricing...! Any comments or suggestions...?
  6. Any recommendations on the correct stock starter for a 1973 240z...? Thanks...Ryals
  7. I have finally begun the interior replacement / installation on my 1973 240z. Is there an "approved" sequence for installing the interior pieces...? Also...I bought DynaMat sound deadener. My restoration is very detailed and I have spent lots of dollars trying to get it "right". Is it truly a "sin" to use the dynamat...? Thanks...Ryals
  8. Maybe the small hose isn't supposed to come out of that particular hole...?
  9. Thanks Steve...I will try and find one. It's basically just the small hose coming off the top of the vapor tank...and what happens to it once it goes through the body and underneath the rear of the car...I currently have it looped around the filler neck...and that can't be correct...! Also...the factory grey hose seems to be about 6 inches short of the small nipple on the bottom of the vapor tank...and it is supposed to be NOS...! Thanks for your help...Ryals
  10. I am having a hard time finding a picture from underneath a series 2 or 3 240z (my car is a 73 with round tops) showing the routing of the small vapor hose that comes from the upper left-hand corner of the vapor tank and connects to a steel pipe that goes to the engine compartment. I think it comes down from the vapor tank and through a grommet to the left of the filler tube...when I get underneath the car (gas tank not installed yet) I can't figure out how to run the hose. Does anyone have a picture of this...? Trying to get it right before installing the gas tank...! Thanks...Ryals
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