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  1. Any known issues with installing an early 4 speed transmission in a '73 Z...?
  2. Thanks to ALL...! I think I would still like to have a new one under the hood for authenticity's sake. Steve knows I am not using flat tops as my car was retrofitted with roundies during the ongoing bouts with vapor lock back in the day. Does it make sense to install an electric fuel pump...?
  3. This was definitely the one on the firewall...
  4. PITA bread...is food for thought...! So now I would like to find a new one...any idea what the part number is...? (the intermittent wiper relay is a 3 wire connection, this is a 4 wire)
  5. Wish I knew where it was mounted under the hood...!
  6. JIDECO is the brand name. The model number is so faint on top that it cannot be read. JIDECO is stamped, the model number is printed. I thought this might be a relay for the electric fuel pump near the gas tank. It has a four prong connector. The wiper relays I have seen only have 3.
  7. I know this does something under the hood of my 1973 240z....but what...? And where can I get a new one...? Thanks...Ryals
  8. The only option listed on the bill of sale for my 1973 240z is a "padded console armrest". I am the second owner and a personal friend of the original buyer. The car was well documented and all receipts saved in the file I now have in my possession. I have to assume this is the original armrest as my friends state that it had never been replaced, nor is there a receipt for any interior work. Any thoughts from anyone on the subject...?
  9. What's the difference...? I need rubbers for my 1973...and no one seems to have them. I can wait on the fronts, but the rears have to go on before mounting the bumper to the car before installing the gas tank, etc, etc, etc....
  10. I have a 3/73 240z and the only "option" listed as additional charge was the console armrest....and it has the stone guard under the engine.
  11. I just had mine done at Southern Bumper in College Park, GA for $1090.00...bumpers and guards. Mine are 1973...where do I get the over rider rubbers....? Every place I see says theirs are for 70 - 72 only. BTW... I sent 4 rear bumper ends and asked them to pick the best pair for replating. They did all 4, so I have a set if anyone needs them.
  12. View Advert Downdraft Weber Kit Brand New Dual Downdraft Weber carb kit with manifold. I know nothing about it other than it is new. The long manifold may not be new... Advertiser Tirnipgreen Date 09/30/2019 Price $575.00 Category Parts for Sale  
  13. Time Left: 6 days and 17 hours

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    Brand New Dual Downdraft Weber carb kit with manifold. I know nothing about it other than it is new. The long manifold may not be new...


    Ellijay, Georgia - US

  14. Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

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    Rust free door for 77 or 78 280z. Glass intact....delivery possible if convenient. Trade for 240z door handles that are very nice (nos).


    Ellijay, Georgia - US

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