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  1. I don’t think he was suggesting blocking you, but rather pointing out that blocking another member is an option for any member who finds another member bothersome. At this point it might be a good idea to simply move on to other discussions, and let this thread take a rest.
  2. Well when I first saw the title I thought it meant the activity here was slow, Guess not, eh? For me, my innernet connection at home sucks, it is ADSL, which was pretty good 16 years ago, but with today’s web experience that leverages the high speed fiber optic experience that most people have, most web pages are slow for me. The kicker is that Comcast hung brand new fiber in my area a few years ago, but it stops about a mile from my house. They say thee aren’t enough customers on the dead end road we live on to justify the expense to bring it that last mile. Greedy bastards. When I am on my phone, in town, everything is blazing fast. Even in The Big Shed, which is essentially a giant faraday cage, but the company has an AT&T network inside, so great throughput.
  3. For what its worth, I didn’t take the reply as rude. A simple, one word, reply. As far as boasting goes, I didn’t see the sharing of an acquisition such as this anything more than a proud owner sharing his new to him Z. The car is awesome. I am almost envious.
  4. Very nice looking Z, congratulations. Sorry if I missed it, how many miles?
  5. You can covet my Datsuns all you like, just don’t touch them.
  6. Hey, if you leave the windows down they do the inside for free.
  7. I saw this. So much wrong here. Especially the paint. Looks like an Earl Schieb special. They didn’t even fix the dent in the driver’s door. Lipstick on a pig.
  8. First step in heater core removal is learning new swear words. Once removed, separate from the HVAC assembly, then take it to a competent radiator repair shop. They should be able to recore it for you. With the cost of brass these days it won’t be cheap. Good luck.
  9. I have the tape output from the amp connected to an audio input on a front panel thing that is connected to the sound card on the computer. This avoids needing a preamp for the turntable. I have Soundforge software to record the album side, completely. Then I process the wav file to remove any pops, clicks and noise. After that I separate the individual tracks, add song titles, album information, etc. and save it all in folders organized by album and artist. I also snag album artwork off the innerwebs, then burn a CD copy for archival purposes. Finally I copy the music to my iTunes library in mp4. It is tedious and time consuming, but less risk of getting busted for music piracy. So far I have about 7,000 songs.
  10. It was resting that evening.
  11. My photography processing computer, after left foot rework a few years ago. The PC tower on the left is the one for my music processing.
  12. You guys make me feel like a neophyte. My first computer was a Pentium II hand me down. My stepdaughter bought it used from Boeing surplus (back then Dell didn’t have the contract). She fiddled with it, then gave it to her brother to use for recording music for his garage band. It didn’t meet his needs, so he bought a new one, and asked if I wanted it. I said sure, he brought it over and I stuck it in the corner. Mrs. Racer 2.0 pestered me to do something with it or get rid of it. So one day I set it up, and turned it on. Then there were a bazillion calls, first to the boy, then his sister. Eventually I got it running, then got online with one of the free internet access services, with a 28.8k telephone modem. That was 1998. It didn’t take long and I upgraded to a 56k modem, then cable through my TV cable company. At first it was I the one calling the kids for help. But it didn’t take long before I was upgrading the processor and memory, then building a new computer from scratch. I bought a seat of AutoCAD, and Photoshop. Then it was the kids calling me for help with their computers. Since then I have built five machines, two with dual head video cards, one for CAD work, one for photography work. One of the single display machines I use for digitizing my vinyl record collection. A friend said my computer room looks like a display at Best Buy.
  13. I got enough merit badges, so I don’t need to shake hands. Besides, Covid, eh?
  14. Badges? We don’t need no steenkin’ badges! Besides, I have enough already.
  15. Oil pressure rule of thumb is 10lbs for every 1,000 rpm. So ten pounds at idle is plenty, at 7,000 rpm 70 to 80 psi is fine. A good quality (read Stewart Warner) mechanical gauge is best. For the diamond pleated covering, a heat gun helps to get it formed and stretched over the irregular shapes of the tunnel and floor.
  16. Racer X

    spray guns

    The mailbox came powder coated black. I wet sanded it with 600. Then I taped off the flames, and shot the colors one at a time. I used two stage automotive base coat/clear coat paint. The color goes on and dries quickly, so each color can be done shortly after the previous one. By the time I had my gun cleaned and the next color mixed it was ready. After the colors were done I removed the masking, hand pinstriped a line around the flames, then mixed and shot the clear coat. It has held up well, the picture was taken after about 12 years after the paint was laid down. I wash and wax it once a year. My neighbors have all asked if I would paint their boxes, but shy away when I tell them how much it cost.
  17. If they can be turned on a brake lathe, and still be in spec, they are serviceable. Otherwise they aren’t worth much at all.
  18. Don’t “dent” the pipe to make clearance, doing so is a poor solution. You should be able to adjust the position to the system so there is adequate clearance.
  19. Racer X

    spray guns

    I apprenticed at an automotive body shop as a teen, late 1960s, early 1970s. Learned the trade from a guy who made body and paint his life’s work. I’ve painted a lot of cars, pickups, big trucks, a couple of tractors, and dozens of refrigerators. I even painted my mailbox. Good tools go a long way toward an acceptable result. I still own all the tools from then, and have added HVLP spray guns back when the paint systems changed. Devilbiss is among the best, and all I own, both suction and HVLP. The difference is in how the gun handles the material. A good spray gun will produce an even spray pattern, a cheap one will not. Always clean the gun thoroughly after every use, especially with today’s catalyzed paints. Once they cure out, it is impossible to remove them from the passages inside the gun. Take good care of your equipment and it will reward you with good results for many years.
  20. If you can find a y pipe from 2” to 2.5”, it would be the perfect solution. Otherwise your best bet will be to find a competent fabricator who can build up a y connection that slip fits onto the header, then has the outlet at 2.5”, using mandrel bent pipe, in stainless. Also, using a tig welder will produce better welds than using a mig, and a stick should not be used at all. The mandrel bent pieces can be had from several exhaust specialty supply houses. There is one out in Utah, can’t recall the name at the moment. Using non mandrel bent pipe will dramatically reduce the flow, so it is important to use mandrel bent pipe.
  21. Two questions. Is that lift in your garage? And, where did you get the exhaust?
  22. Hope you didn’t hurt the input shaft bearings in the transmission running the engine and no grease in the tranny.
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