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  1. I had a difficult time finding the correct caps for those wheels 11 years ago. Nissan no longer has them. I bought mine from Nismoparts.com back then but a couple of years later when someone else I know was looking for a set, nismoparts.com didn't have any more. And, they're not '240Z alloy wheels'. They were an optional alloy wheel for the 260Z/280Z most often seen on the 78 Black Pearl Edition.
  2. Where, where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? (I know, it adds nothing of value to the thread but I couldn't resist.......)
  3. Give this thread a read. Maybe not the best but one of many treads from the past that discuss the illustrious Mr. Allen: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/open-s30-z-discussions/32275-terrible-vendor-datsun-parts.html
  4. Isaiah, it's good to see that you have your life going in the right direction once again. You've been gone so long that I don't even own Datsuns anymore!
  5. I'd be quite surprised if that hasn't sold already.........
  6. I've seen something similar w/o the Datsun emblem.
  7. I once had an L series 4 cylinder develop a crack in the housing behind the water pump. The spring that keeps the radiator hose from collapsing somehow had got into the water pump impeller and it scraped a hole in the cover.
  8. Use spaces.......d i c k. I have a fall 1977 Datsun dealer directory. Which dealerships are you interested in?
  9. There's also something fishy about that car. It's license plate comes up as a 1988 Toyota MR2 from 10/18/2003 to10/19/2013 and then shows up as a 1984 Nissan 300ZX on 12/04/2013 the day it failed it's smog check.
  10. That's true. There's one right up the street from me. A very nicely done 280 with an LS1. Somehow, though, it still just doesn't seem right to me........
  11. I sold the Z 4½ years ago.........
  12. The $4,106 msrp of a 72 240Z equates to $22,973.66 in 2013. It was a bargain in 72 and it would be a bargain today.....
  13. Those are also the same as the ones that were on my 5/78.
  14. Remember that post is 5 years old. They might have been 179 then.
  15. That's way less time than the 3 1/2 years or so that have passed since anyone posted in this thread.:classic:
  16. The only one I've ever seen actually fit rather nicely. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it wasn't painted to match the car. Member John Coffey sells them at his shop. You could PM him and he could likely tell you a lot about them.
  17. 411.com may be free but most of the time all it does is lead you to the other paid services like intelius, people smart, etc.
  18. Except for the fact that there are pictues of the project in the thread and he/she/it hasn't been back since that post.......single post to a dead thread on the join date and no return? Sounds/looks like a bot to me.
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