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  1. 240Ziggy

    JNC 50 YEAR CLUB: Hot Wheels

    I collect them too! Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. I wonder what's left.
  3. Learned so much about such little detail changes on these tags how they changed within months apart. I guess from/during assembly point. Thanks Zup and EhlersRS. Your tags will be mailed this week.
  4. 240Ziggy

    Series I cars

    I like this one new added Comfort and Convenience feature: "A new pocket added to the sun visor affords increased convenience of the driver by providing storage for highway tickets." too funny! ...and Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Second series tags are printed and ready to be stamped. I'm only doing this for my own car and will only be done once. If anyone else is interested please reply here or pm me for your mm/yr and lot #. If you are into concours quality stuff this is it. I don't think you can buy this anywhere else. EhlersRS and Zup, I will pm you, please let know. Thanks for looking.
  6. 240Ziggy

    240z Rear Beaver Panel

    I wasn't aware this one wholerear panel existed. Man that looks nice. Wish you luck finding it. That's gotta be one of the holy grail in body panels. It would be great to find a NOS but alternatively since you already have the top and bottom pieces, get a parts car's rear light panel and weld them together if you have no other choice. The rear bottom valance from Zedd Findings will require some english-wheeling and shrinking/stretching work to acquire the proper curves. I'm also currently doing the same thing.
  7. Thanks again for your support. Series 2 is in progress and press ready. Please let me know who's interested. I'm reproducing my 240Z seatbelt tags for '72 build date 12/71. Sent from my LG-D852 using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  8. EhlersRS, sure i'll need it for my '72 as well. I wonder why they have different stamping Lot No. and that "Y" and "U" on the bottom right side.
  9. Also I'd like to thank in advance again, I truly appreciate who have purchased my product in support to my son's #406 project Z-car.
  10. The tags are ready and they look awesome. 7 available month/year. Please PM me those interested. Thank you for your support. Here are some photos of the final product.
  11. i'm stamping the tags and should be done this week. 9/1969 12/1969 7/1970 10/1970 12/1970 1/1971 3/1971
  12. Hi kats, it is an honor you choose my work. I'm just as excited these seat belt tags are going to a Z432! Wow! and thank you.
  13. I thought there were only 4 tags. Well, I took a closer look at the set i'm restoring and I see the original stitching from the tags has come or torned off from the webbing. I will do the 12/70 for you AZ. As far as pricing, I will reduce the extra from $30 to $25. Total 6 tags will be $150 for the set.
  14. Thanks for your photo AZ. Now I learned yours still have the first version, just changed the build date and I also revised my topic title.
  15. Not sure Zup. Looks and feel like nylon to me.

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