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  1. Hi Richard, would you happen to have the inner rear bumper mounts for the 240Z? They are behind the rear valance welded on the frame. I need both side. Thanks.
  2. The physical photos shows obvious early model. Take some sandpaper and clear the vin firewall.
  3. You might luck out being a '69. Is rear glass clear no defrost?
  4. That looks more of an early 71 to 70 240. The tags may have been switched. What is the number from the firewall?
  5. Fully disassembled pieces then batch plate.
  6. I'm slowly assembling things back together after grouping old parts re-plated, one of them is this early wiper motor. It might be an overkill since it is hidden under the cowl, but most importantly, it still works!
  7. Wow. Very nice! Should have had this five years ago. Now they need to make the proper rear valance.
  8. Cost you only 15 bucks to make? Man, i'm also interested to know how you made it.
  9. Hey EuroDat, I didn't know what you meant at first and listen to it again. No, that wasn't me sipping cola and burping. ? It's the car from shifting gears. Anyways, the ratlle noise has worsen plus it started to vibrate so what I did this weekend was changed one halfshaf with spares I have at a time test drove it. The clunk is gone but it still vibrated after changing both haft shaft. I was going to change the driveshaft but the two spares I have were both short. Going to order the full u-joints and change all of them and see. Could a worned transmission and diff mount make the vibra
  10. Thanks EuroDat. I will double check the U-joints again. I hope i can narrow it down.
  11. I used pry bars to check all of the u-joints and don't see any sort of play.
  12. I put another diff with new gear oil 80W/90 is all i can find when i did it. Went to get 75W/90 semi-syntetic today at a subaru dealer. Got the car on jacks now looking for the culprit. Removed the tires and rear drums and ran the car on all gears. None that i can see but when i spin the rear axel the diff has some gear drag. Is this normal? Checking my other spares and hard to tell just turning by hand.
  13. I was able to capture the rear diff clunk and that sound of the Wheel Of Fortune. I place my cell phone inside the ashtray just above the trans tunnel. The rear diff clunk starting from 1st gear, then the rattle starts more when the car has been driven for a while, you can hear it as soon as I shift to second, third and a bit on fourth up to 40 mph and goes away. Please let me know any feedback. Thanks. 20190627_154403_clunk.m4a 20190627_154403_rattle1.m4a 20190627_154403_rattle2.m4a
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