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  1. I'm putting aftermarket seats in. The stock fabric and foam is thrashed. Mechanically and functionally sound. Should I try to sell them, if so how much? Or should I dump them? Thanks
  2. I keep emailing them and they won't respond. Are they a legit business? Thanks!
  3. I do agree with the siamesed blocks being stronger, but the cooling capability of a non-siamesed block should be superior? Do you agree? And for any HP under 400, not saying I can get even above 300, but any of these blocks should do just fine. Do you guys agree?
  4. Take a look at the attached picture. Piston number 5 & 6 deteriorated down to the compression ring. There should be debris through out the entire motor. It is an N42 block with an N47 heads. My plans are to bore, stroke and add turbo. Should I spend time trying to determine if this block is salvageable or trash it and start looking for another motor? I have a turbo intake. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions Robert
  5. That is where the manual came from. If you look at the site you'll see AC is missing from the 1975. There is no other choice but to look at the 74's or 76's at least on that site.
  6. Please see the attached picture. Is the item I circled in red the vacuumcock? I'm trying to find were the hose coming out of the top is supposed to connect too (identified with the red arrow) I'm looking at the AC FSM for a 1974 260z, mine is a 1975 280z. I'm thinking it could also be a check valve on page AC-34. Kind regards, Robert
  7. Problem: I checked continuity between terminals 6 and 27 at the ECU - it failed Diagnosing Attempts: 1) I checked the continuity between terminal 6 and 27 on the Air Flow meter - it passes (sensor is good) 2) I jumped terminal 6 and 27 on the harness connector and checked the continuity - it passes (harness from ECU to Air Flow meter is good) Therefore it must be the corrosion between the harness and the AFM. 3) I replaced the connector on the harness with a brand new connector and all new terminals. I cleaned the male terminals on the AFM and lubed them up with dielectric grease. And it FAILED continuity between terminals 6 and 27 when measured at the ECU. What is going on? Any ideas? Thank you, Robert
  8. Hello, I have a L28 in a 75 280z. I want to add a turbo. 1) Are there turbo fitted intakes readily available that I could install on this motor? Does does it make more sense to buy a ZX motor? If so is there a preferred year? 2) And does anyone know if the blocks have any much changing over the years, thicker cores, webbing etc? Thanks Robert
  9. I found a speaker wire tapped into a blue wire of the Hazard SW Harness. It feds to one led on the Brake SW. While one of the Y on Blk Break SW wires dangled and the other was connected to the Break SW led. I've tried the following combinations and I can not get the break lights to work: 1) Spk wire from Harzard Harness and one Y on Blk wire = make the rely click every 5 seconds but no brake lights 2) Spk wire from Harzard Harness and the onther Y on Blk wire = no break lights 3) Both Y on Blk wires to the break SW = no brake lights I attached a picture for reference. Any thoughts? Thanks RobertBrake SW.pdf
  10. Hello, I'm struggling at tracing one white on green wire and one melted black wire, in the FSM & posted wire diagrams, that have been broken. They are dangling under the dash. I attached a picture. Can you take a look and offer any suggestions? Thanks Robert Wires Under Dash.pdf
  11. Hello, I pulled the 5 mile-an-hour bumpers from my 1975 280z and mounting hardware. I don't want them. I'm not familiar with the market. Are these worth trying to sell or just trash them? Thanks! Robert
  12. Thanks for the ideas guys. Yes the bumpers are gone etc. And to Steve's point, nope not running yet. My brain is running down different avenues as I work on the electrical. Its a mess. I plan on getting it running before upgrading anything, and then upgrading everything I want to learn about imports. I'm a Chevy guy with a dolled up 69 Camaro. The networking industries between domestic and imports are completely different. This is all new to me. In a good way! Its cool, thanks again guys!
  13. Thank you very much guys! I've been drilling the FSM and just couldn't find references to the one I labeled with white and yellow. So I appreciate your help.
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