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  1. Check on hybridz.com also that write up is all u need it doesn't get any better than that...

  2. Rick, Quite a few new faces around - looks like the club has relatively 'blown up.' On the plus side, it's nice to see some familiar handles still in use!
  3. Gentlemen, You have me sold. It has a moderate amount of sentimental value (My Dad owned a 72 back in the day, and I'll track the VIN down someday), and frankly, I have nothing else to learn and master right now - I just graduated! I'm putting a deposit down on a welding course at my local community college this Friday Thanks, Nate
  4. Wasn't the Nissan Urge slated to be in that price range? Also, I was going to suggest the Genesis as well.
  5. Hello, fellow z-nuts. To make a long story very short, I recently returned home from school to my rolling shell, and would like some expert opinion on the damage that has been waiting for me. There's rust in the usual places and I'm enthusiastic about the work ahead of me, but perhaps there's something I'm not seeing as my eyes haven't been properly trained. I've taken a dozen photos of the car, focusing on the 'problem spots' I can identify. I suppose I'm thinking of this as a consultation on whether or not to proceed with this car, or to wait and purchase a better platform. Thanks in advance for the always sagely advice.
  6. Last login 8-4-07. Yikes!
  7. I'm a little late to the party, but I'll add this comment. What the Cube lacks in exterior grace, it makes up for in interior awesome. I'm their target market and wouldn't pay the price for it, but I certainly appreciate the vehicle for what it is. It's a Versa that doesn't look, or feel, like a Versa.
  8. And the forum automatically noticed! Recently graduated from college and now have time to begin work anew on my '72. How is everyone?
  9. You guys still rock hard. I've been forced to pay a great deal more attention to my studies than my Z, but, as luck would have it, I've stumbled upon a cheap (albeit smallish) garage for rent near my school. Classes don't seem so boring these days with my Z on the horizon! Hope you've all had an excellent past year or so, and find yourselves in good health and good spirits.
  10. Hey guys. I've moved up to the area permanently, and getting back to MD on weekends is a rarity, which means so is working on my beloved Z. I'm looking to rent a garage/space in a workshop/warehouse (see: anything) to be able to continue working on my car whilst attending school. If anyone knows anyone/anything possible, please reply. Thanks.
  11. gema


    It seems part two has arrived. It's August 2nd, and I've now been home from school for almost three months. In that three months, I have spent MAYBE a collective six days in the garage. Of those six, two have been on the Z. It's so aggravating! I worked hard this Spring to pay off all my debt (I couldn't find work last Fall semester) and save up a little so I could afford to not work as intensely and spend some quality time with my car. I got home, went on a weeklong trip to Maine (In the rain, mind you), and spent about a week being a zombie to reverse my sleep schedule (during Finals it was 7am-5pm!). Around the first week of June my Dad noticed he complained often about very sore legs and went to the Dr. to check it out. He called and said "So I'm in the ER..." He had a resting heartbeat of 165bpm and nobody could figure out why. We own a family business (Cafe and bookshop) in Annapolis (super busy tourist town) and suddenly, my comfortable part-time 20-25 a week became about 50-60 to compensate for his relative dissapearance. This is only on the clock hours, not counting any ordering, picking up product, etc. That's just the beginning of it, too. Temple sent me my aid package mid-June, which may well just have been a picture of someone's arse, with "KISS IT" written across the cheeks. I was cut about 9 thousand dollars of aid due to inflated numbers on the parent's FAFSA, due to business insurance claims from Hurricane Isabel that couldn't be rerouted (numerically) back into the business (which is right where it went). So I spent from then until about five days ago begging, pleading, applying and finally securing enough money to go to school and pay rent. Which brings us to another issue...I have 27 days until classes begin and I have nowhere to live! Thus my days off (which are sparse) seem to be booked with phone calls, internet browsing, and the occasional LONG daytrip to and from Philadelphia. That's where I'm going tomorrow, depending if my Starter is at Nissan or not...the daily driver I bought for the summer and school year ('93 Sentra SE-R) has been a handful of work, and is now wrapping up this week... What's a guy to do? It pains me so to just let it....SIT there like this. I can get out and tinker for a half hour, hour at most sometimes. I plan afternoons to spend with it and inevitably, something comes up. Any suggestions? I needed to vent to a crowd that would sympathize, and I'm sure many of you have had worse situations. Zpression is the worst.
  12. gema

    No Reverse

    Better change your reverse fluid. I don't know about the dirty fluid = missing gear theory... There's a drain plug on the transmission casing to empty the gear oil.
  13. Well put. This car is a milestone of achievement in many respects. In racing, sales, design, you name it, the Z excelled. Clearly it continues to excel, look at us! Dumping thousands upon thousands of dollars and hours into a car that should logically be LONG dead, rusted away and forgotten about. For me, it's love.
  14. I just wrecked my windshield attempting to get it out this afternoon =( Did it as the FSM suggested, and cracked it to pieces. However, I did exactly as instructed in this post, as well, so I suppose it just wasn't meant to be. The good news is that the glass was fogged and previously scratched by running wipers without blades, so I suppose it isn't a total loss. Now that it's broken (in the upper left corner) and cracked, what is the best way to get it out? Tape trashbags inside the car and smash it to bits?
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