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  1. HuD 91gt

    Automatic Conversion

    ^ That's a definite possibilty.
  2. HuD 91gt

    Automatic Conversion

    I was under my car the other day, and those drivers side wires are just hanging there. I couldn't remember if it was supposed to be like that but the car still works My engine and transmission have been in and out several times though so it's possible they were dislodged? As for the shifter, my '71 required slight trimming, and the 260z shifter worked fine.
  3. HuD 91gt

    Idle vacuum w/ aftermarket cams

    Where's this video? ha
  4. HuD 91gt

    Idle vacuum w/ aftermarket cams

    Exactly, "race cam" is a bit of flakey term. Just like Stage 1, Stage 2 etc that we so often hear. Jibberish. Chickenman, FYI the increase in idle ignition timing in Tune #5 was just a test. I backed it off as I didn't really see any real benefit, and still wanted some real improvement for a idle "correction" in the lower RPM range. 23 degrees worked, for the correction, but I wasn't seeing any real benefit in idle quality. 20 degrees works well for idle, 22 for the low RPM correction. Anyone else with an aftermarket cam have any vacuum readings at idle?
  5. HuD 91gt

    Idle vacuum w/ aftermarket cams

    It is a P90 head that has been shaved a few times for straightness. The reason the CR is lower is the CC has had some material removed during the porting. The head has never been shaved to increase CR. Cam was degreed properly with an adjustable cam gear. Somewhere along the lines in my learning process I dropped the chain tensioner and ended up putting in an OEM cam gear as I ended up dialing it in at one full tooth advanced(Or was it retarded?) from a "stock setup". Don't ask my why, but now i've lost that adjustable cam gear somewhere in my moves. This all happened in the first couple hundred KM of the rebuild. I ordered a new one just to play around. The slots in the OEM gear are much too large (4 degrees). Reason I am suspicious, is the "Z man of Washington", (A fairly reputable Z business man in PNW) somewhere online stated no matter what cam you have, you should be seeing 14+" at idle unless it's an all out race cam. More curiosities sake then anything else. My car idles pretty decent. But, as you guys both mentioned. A lowish CR wouldn't help the situation. Was more a thread to see what other people are getting. So far, nothing too extreme.
  6. HuD 91gt

    Idle vacuum w/ aftermarket cams

    Well that's good relevant info for sure. I still need to find a few hours to get the thing running again.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm curious what everyone is able to get for idle vacuum with their aftermarket cam. I have a Colt Cams C542.s with the following specifications. Duration @ .50" 224 I/E or 280 degrees valve lift .510 Lobe Seperation 108" Engine is a L28 w/ about 8.7:1 compression. The best I can get using Megasquirt fuel injection is around 10"s. Sometimes jumps into 11" for short periods. Chickenman and I have been playing with the FI for a while now working out bugs, but my vacuum has always seemed a little suspicious to me. Either way, I just ordered a fancy schmancy adjustable cam gear to play around a little bit. What are you guys seeing for readings?
  8. HuD 91gt

    rear control arm bushing removal

    Thanks for the pictures madkaw. I used a a holesaw, then fire method on the moustache bar. What a mess. For clean up I tried a few things, but the wire wheel worked best. I'd try a different method next time. I have my control arms being painted in a 2 part epoxy as we speak, it looks like your method here will work without screwing up my new paint. Should have removed the bushings first.
  9. HuD 91gt

    2+2 Rear End in 240z

    Thanks for the quick reply. I havent actually seen the unit in person yet. Ill grab the front diff mount as well, but I do plan on doing an RT mount, and if need be I can use it as the sole mount with a urethane bushing. Once again tha js fir the reply. Ill try and get some cinished photos up too.
  10. HuD 91gt

    2+2 Rear End in 240z

    Well, I could be totally wrong but maybe they arent CV's. I believe the car is a 1978.
  11. HuD 91gt

    2+2 Rear End in 240z

    Well, I could be totally wrong but maybe they arent CV's. I believe the car is a 1978.
  12. HuD 91gt

    2+2 Rear End in 240z

    Pulled out my driveline to get easy access to fuel lines (upgrading to 3/8" for turbo charger) on my 1971 240z. Everyone knows the "while I'm at it" way of doing things.... I'm upgrading my rear end. I purchased the rear end from a 280z 2+2. Its an R200 with the CV axles. I will be stealing the mustache bar as well. Does anyone know if I'm going to have issues mounting the CV style axles onto my 240z hubs? Or am I going to have to source out some universal style R200 stub axles to get this setup to work properly? I figured it was easier to strip and paint one set of drivetrain rsther then doing it, then having to upgrade. Cheers
  13. HuD 91gt

    GM Alternator Woes

    Well, I didn't have a properly working multimeter (resistance readings are way off), I wired in the small resistor and switched to the other prong as discussed above. 14.6v at idle! Wowsers. We'll chalk this one up as a success story.
  14. HuD 91gt

    Dyno day with the 260Z

    I ran 0.021" over deck, with my pistons, and a 1mm mls gasket and the car ran, never hard though (has having guide issues). Eventually switched to .050 mls after reading Bryan Blake's post. Curious how yours works out.
  15. HuD 91gt

    GM Alternator Woes

    Thanks for doing the research. The original 4 pin layout explanation was off that pirate4x4 site as well, but on the forum. I missed that write up, that's a good one. Unfortunatly this is going to have to wait until mon/tues to solve this riddle now. I will do as you say, and check the resistance in the circuit, will have to purchased a new multimeter as mine gives bogus resistant readings. I also purchased a 46ohm resistor which should do the job nicely. Once again, really appreciate the help. I think we figured out this problem. I will update you all.

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