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  1. One word. DISTRIBUTOR. We tried with 2 different dizzies to my friends -73 and starting with the first one sounds EXACTLY like that. I even have video of it, that i will upload if necessary.
  2. My friend has -73 240z with auto transmission, and im asking this on behalf of him as he dont speak english. It changes gears really roughly, i mean the whole car goes like BUMP. I already suggested that he changes oils in it but is there any other adjustments you can make to it externally to perhaps smoothen it up?
  3. Yeah its that part nr 65 that is broken, a pain in the arse to change.. would be easier just to swap the whole tranny...
  4. I took my Z to a shop and they confirmed that the fault is in transmission. Is that part somehow replaceable? Sucks not to see your current speed...
  5. It has both points on place and attached to coil. Factory spec is 17 degrees for non emission engine. Well no matter now, it runs and i did a 30 mile test drive. Tranny (auto) is in a need of attention, it changes gear very roughly.
  6. We tried with single point distributor. It gave spark but just did not start, not even tried. Then we decieded "what the heck" and try with the dual points distributor. Starts right up, like a nanosecond after you turn the key and revs nicely. I dont know how this is possible as you stated it wont start and timing is impossible to find. We did excatly that, timing is now @ around 17 degrees and idles very smoothly..
  7. Your start/restart issues sound like a coil problem to me. Maybe it is overheating?
  8. Yeah, i guess i'll have to try even bigger jets. Maybe 60F9?
  9. Good topic, this clears out the problem i had years ago Almost burned the whole car.
  10. I bet it does. I switched to bigger idle jets (55F9) but i STILL have to dial mixture open for 1.5 turns, just like with the smaller jets (50F9). But i have noticed some difference, idle is a tad smoother (even with the inlet leak). One strange thing was that i drove on the freeway about 20 miles, after coasting to normal speed, i could hear faint "pop" from the exhaust occasionally, like it was burning excess fuel there. SO basically i have mixture on the verge of being too lean, but it still pops in the exhaust`??
  11. We removed all the smog and installed 260z single point distributor. We have to block the weird pipe going to exhaust manifold from balance tube, it snapped just from the root and we cannot get it out...
  12. My friend just wants to get this Z running quickly. He also has stock 260z distributor, would that work?
  13. So can we take off the second set of points and drive like that? I've started to dismantle all that smog crap, 2 green wires from the distributor goes into it. My friend says the car occasionally just stops and wont start till you wait a moment and try again. Im afraid we do something irreversible if we deciede to hustle with the dizzy. He wants to have the car ready to drive as soon as possible... :/
  14. Just found out that i have asked these questions earlier too. We decieded to postpone the project till now. http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/50267-removing-smog-need-assistance/?hl=smog
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