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  1. I will be running a 265/45/16 once I get my wheels. The ones in the picture are 205/50/15. The wheels were off an AE86, so stretched tires weren't a big deal because of the lack of power. It just all depends on how you stretch the tire, but yes, they COULD blow. - Ian.
  2. Feel better now? I'm really glad that you're getting off by being an asshole. Last I remember a 37 year-old man meant that you had some maturity in your life, or does it feel good to hop onto a 19 year-old and break everything down. Ice, paint stripes, whatever, it got away from me and I hit a curb. I learned from it, and moved on. As far as education goes, I am happily in college right now and working on a career in graphic design. Thank you for your concern. - Ian. PS- Thanks Zbane for your PM, its glad to know people out there are kind hearted.
  3. Watch your mouth man, I hit ice, that's what got me sideways. I'm glad that you want people to crash on this forum, great form of character you have there. This is one of the reasons I don't post here that often anymore. Seats actually got sold to a really nice couple today doing a husband and wife build on a '72. The rest of the stuff has sold here and there, traded some things too. Yeah, I had no clue what was up with the L28, sorry mate. I'll make a list of what I have left and let you know. - Ian.
  4. Are you going to get rid of the sunroof? I personally think they look better without them. But that's just all personal. Great build. - Ian
  5. I made a little thread about this car a while back, but I figured I'd make a new one to really shake some boots. I know a lot of you guys here are into keep your Z's stock, but I also know there are the lot of you that race your Z's and really beat the hell out of them. If you can't stand to see a stripped Z, turn away now, thanks. I got this '71 240Z from Dave about a year ago, got the L28 running, and drove it to a few events, and got a lot of attention. I've been wanting to build a drift car for a few years now, and finally decided to go ahead and use my Z, seeing as nobody at the track tho
  6. Just borrow a friend's truck, a lot less hassle.
  7. I need to do the same, I'm getting tired of using a hammer and stuff. - Ian.
  8. Glad to see it all done! - Ian.
  9. Well, my 2400 OHC valve cover is for sale, make me an offer.
  10. Two full shelves of parts left. Also an L28 long block, 4 speed tranny, 6-1 header, seats, etc. etc. etc. Please help fund my build!
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