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    I just began restoring a 1972 240Z. Thus far I have began stripping the paint. The 2 rear quarter panels are stripped and the roof is about halfway. Rust appears in the usual places and both floor boards must be replaced. The plan is to install a 3.2 stroker engne fed by OER 6 pack side draft carburetors. Arizona ZCAR will be called upon for the suspension. They manufacture some really nice billett aluminum parts. If you haven't visited their site it is definitely a must. The rebuild of course will be a slow process as these can be. I need to get a reasonably priced N42 cylinder head as this h

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  1. Not in sandy environments like Florida unless they want install an engine every 1.5 years. A good selling visual though. As far as 50K it depends on what buyer is willing to pay. It look ready to go but I'm not much for buying someone else's modifications. We will see.
  2. Yes 1K is just about right and definitely try to learn using gas, (argon& Co2 mix) I was fortunate in that sense though. My Dad got a summer job for me working with him when I was just 15 years old welding. I hit 60 this year so there was a re-familiarization process but it was like riding a bike. If there is a junior college in your area it might be worth looking into to see if they offer a 1 semester class. You might find you like working with metal. Many real cool ideas if you are DIY guy. CONGRATULATIONS on the new addition BTW
  3. I have been putting #6333 back together close to ten years! But things are done exactly the way I want them! NO SHORTCUTS WHATSOEVER. I plan to give one to both my sons if they should want them so it has to be right!
  4. Before I realized how simple it was to rebuild SU's I went into Nissan of Melbourne and the guy at the counter didn't even know what an SU was! The young whipper snapper!
  5. RIVETS.......were meant for aircraft made mostly of composites and aluminum, Not completely metal motocars!
  6. I drove mine from Florida to Lexington Steam Corners to Santa Barbara and back. The best 6300 miles I ever spent!
  7. Be sure to remember DAD this Sunday. I'm sure he would appreciate a cold ? for his effort!
  8. Not a bad idea. It is probably not safe to drive at this point only because it might completely collapse hitting a pothole. WOW! But once again I have seen them replaced from the bulkhead forward
  9. I have an extra crossmember. I will even sandblast and seal it for you before shipping. No hurry $50 you pay shipping. Shipping is maybe $10. Reinforcing it will work if you use the proper gage of metal. Once again it has to be welded into place. Did you ever think about moving away from places that salt or sand the roads? My goodness don't think I have ever seen a crossmember rotted through.
  10. But overall are you satisfied with the results?
  11. Upon first reading I suspected a vacuum issue. The cruise control in an 82 I had would not remain constant on uphill grades and it turns out a vacuum line behind the radio was the culprit. Dry... brittle etc. I suggest go back to basline settings , if you already haven't and work back up from there. While chasing the wrong issue I'm positive you adjusted yourself out of tune. Good Luck!
  12. Glad to see you got this ISSUE sorted out. I've come across many of the cars and never saw a slave cylinder mounted on studs. If it were mine I would probably find another 4 speed for cheap and swap the front casing. No more issues with things being inside that were not designed to be inside. It sounds corny but HASTE does make WASTE!
  13. CATA You face a few different issues. 15X8 In the rear probably WON'T let you stay under the car without touching somewhere. A 40 series tire will help with clearance but that tire is rather costly and doesn't offer much life, 25K miles if not used aggresively. 15X 7.5 or 15X7 is a better bet and you will probably have to use a spacer of some width to make sure you have backside clearance. I suffered clearance issues with my first set of tires running a 55 series tire. The profile will determine as much as the width. Remember the wheel technology was much different back then i.e. not FWD
  14. A RARE BREED.............auto trans. I never had one as many as I have had. If it is a steel line those are easy to reshape and reroute
  15. GOTHAM 22 I like others have seen much worse. As a matter of fact if you look through the archives on this site several members have replaced everything forward of the bulkhead with great success. But these jobs (projects) were done by the owner of the vehicle in most cases. Don't get discouraged or daunted by your issue. Someone will do this for you but you should plan on the repair shop having the car for 90 days minimum and thats on the low end. But it would give you time to save up the $$$$$. Your car is increasing in value everyday and if you should decide to sell it you get your mon
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