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  1. fashioned a vac/pressure gauge to put in cylinder 1 spark plug hole, remote start bumped it until the marks were close to the pointer, then hand turned the crank until the vac/pressure gauge went back and forth to home in on TDC, and then looked into cylinder 1 through spark plug hole and it was right there. Please tell me if I am missing something. Thanks for all the helpful replies.
  2. Hello all, I would be interested in feedback from the forum about how the timing marks are lining up on my 72 240. I found TDC for piston 1 and the pointer is aiming "below" the first mark, see pic. My understanding is the lowest/first mark on the crank should line up with the pointer when cylinder 1 is TDC and 0 degree advance. i have a stock set-up and considering upgrading to electornic ignition module pertronix II. the distributor looks to be advanced about 1/2 way looking at the lines on the body of the distributor, but if the pointer is accurate then could it actually be retarded ~8 degrees? thank you for any insights.
  3. update: got the bolt from MSA, had to wrestle the lock washer off, but a slight amount of blue locktite, was able to get about one good 1/2 turn on the bolt and it seems to be working!. time will tell. in the process I went ahead and replaced the clutch hard line, the original connection at the slave hose had to be cut because I couldn't get the line connector to budge. had what I thought was a new functional MC that I had bought several years ago but it ended up being bad. stupidly didn't bench test it properly. wore out my 6 year-old's leg pumping the clutch! 🙂 and so it finally all worked with the original MC in the car once I got the lines tight. next on the list, taking it to a Weber guy to see if he can make it stop fouling the plugs. good times. thanks again,
  4. I hear you, thanks. Will keep you all posted, appreciate the input.
  5. Will try that, thanks a lot.
  6. Got the new bolt, the threads are a bit stripped at the opening such that with the lock washer I can’t get it to grip enough. Going to see if I can get a slightly longer bolt. Thanks again for the input.
  7. You are correct, There are threads! Thanks guys. Ordered bolt and new slave, hopefully it’ll work!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I am looking further at it later today and will see if the threads are there. I hope so!
  9. Thank you. I am puzzled by the bolt orientation as you note I don’t know why they are not screwing into the housing, it’s a standard 4 speed transmission as far as I know. Will pursue the tap approach I think.
  10. yesterday was a good day and a very bad day. Took the z to get my restored enkei's put on (pic attached) and the clutch slave cylinder failed in parking lot when I arrived. after putting a new one in haste I didn't tighten down one of the carriage bolts (other pic, pre screw up) that comes out of the transmission housing and it ended up being sucked up into the flywheel when I turned it over and luckily I was able to get it out with the help of a scope and flex magnet but now the 1 bolt doesn't hold the cylinder properly so I need to get new bolts and have them installed. Other option I suppose is tap a bolt where the original one was. Would welcome thoughts on the matter and if anyone knows where to procure these bolts of if someone has some good condition used ones I could purchase. thanks for your consideration. LKing240
  11. Hi all, I've searched various z forums and haven't run across anyone with experience with this wheel issue so here goes- if anyone has Enkei 92s 14inch with 15mm offset can you let me know if you needed to use any spacers to prevent the wheel from rubbing on the strut or anything else on a 72 240z? Thanks, Lisle
  12. lking240

    enkei 92s that will fit 240z

    Email sent, thanks a lot. My # is 203-980-1391 if we could talk I can call you at your convenience.
  13. Hi all, I'm trying to source 4 black mesh Enkei 92s for my 72 240z and it seems that the only ones available readily in 15x7 have an offset of 38 which doesn't fit. Why then does Enkei tease us with this sort of ad when it appears these wheels won't fit? If anyone has ideas about how to source these wheels I would be most grateful. Thanks. Lking240
  14. lking240

    contacting sellers through classifieds

    that worked, thanks

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