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  1. i want to buy work equip wheels for my 240z stock fenders i want to go 15x8 for thr rear 15x7.5 front i want little more deep lip for the rear wheels which offset i go for the rear and the front? i don't want the wheels to go out of the fender i want the wheels to set exactly on the fender arch. also i want tires size pls. thx
  2. Can you show me the best zg flares in the market pls? There are alot and most of them are crap,i want flares easy to install and look correct and fit, also i don't know the correct size of the flares,there are alot of sizes ,i want the same size that come from the factory on the original ZG cars, thx
  3. can someone help me find jdm/euro rear spoiler? i want nos and i know it's very hard to find or a copy with excellent finish look? this spoiler come with fat right side to install the emblems on it.
  4. I didn't ,,, still searching
  5. i'm looking to buy fender mirrors genuine black long kneck for my 240z , anyone have them for sale? or help me with parts number pls thx
  6. i just buy rota grid wheels in 15x8 all. what is the recommended tires size? my 240z have no fender flairs and i don't want to cut or touch the fender wall clear out.
  7. as far i know they are zero offset. but i think the rear have deep lips than the front. think they are 15x9 rear and 15x8 front.
  8. how about the color is it gun metalic ? i want to know the offset and the size?
  9. can someone tell me what is the brand of this wheels? also the wheels size front and rear? thx
  10. hi sir

    it's me wael from kuwait,did you look at my 280zx pictures?

    tell me what you think pls?


    1. Diseazd


      Hi Wael......The car looks nice, but I really only deal with the early 240Z's. I finished my orange car (like yours). That's the car I really like of yours. Hope you are doing well....good to hear from you.





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