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  1. I got my suspension parts back from powder coating today and the difference is amazing. I have all new nuts and bolts, arriving early next week. They will be class 10.9 zinc plated. The "Bolts!" thread was a huge help, so a BIG thanks to anyone who contributed to that effort. And to finish this off i have the Eibach springs, 4 piston disc brake kit and Prothane bushing kit all waiting to go in. Heres some before and after pics.
  2. Hello all, I have a pair of seats from my '72 Z hanging out in the garage. They are quite beat up but i'm pretty sure everthing on them works. They are taking up too much space and I have decided I will not be using them in my project, so if anybody out there needs and parts im giving you guys a chance to speak up before they head to the dump. If anybody is interested in parts or whole, let me know and i can post some pictures. If you are, all i ask is the cost of shipping.
  3. well, i think that if there is anything we can learn from this, its that a decent car can't be done in 72 hours... at least in their hands. On the bright side, at least nothing was done to the red car that cant be undone..
  4. As mentioned above, there is kill switch that is hidden in the car, and the button wont work without this in the right position. As well, i don't think its a stretch to think that if you are going to install something like this in your car, an after market security system is already in, or going in with it. And this kit can tie into most if not all systems, so that when armed, the start button will not work either.
  5. Well let me be the first to say, very cool. As always looks well thought out. Dave, your contributions to this community never cease to amaze.
  6. Anyone here seen the show Car Warriors on SPEED channel? I saw a preview of next weeks episode, the two teams will be rebuilding '73 240z's. From what I saw, I will be crying as this episode airs as two cars are ruined forever, but we'll see. Will air wednesday at 9pm eastern. :ogre:
  7. Jesus, i wish tires were that cheap here. First i got a quote from Costco for about $1200 for nothing too fancy 16" tires. Ended up buying a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus from tirerack. Paid $764.22 and still had to pay to have them mounted on my Konig Rewinds.
  8. Yea, after 25 years of making fun of Honda's V-Tech they've finally put it in their engines.
  9. That c10 just plucks at my heart strings
  10. You guys can come over and do mine if you'd like Looks great!
  11. a triple carb'd RB30... sweet jesus! Does it say anywhere, what they got the final weight down to?
  12. I knew I had seen that a little while back so I did a little search... Apparently I saw it here. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40240
  13. im slightly suck in the game... i want to get into a couple of the classics series but theres not used cars from 60's-70's available atm. The Honda 500 i do have just doesnt have the power to 1rst place them. But that pic of the GTR, third shot in the first set looks just about real to me.
  14. :paranoid: wasnt me... hahaha. Ive been waiting for this one too. Ive probably spent more time playing GT3 than i spent in all my years at highschool combined.
  15. I paid about $2000 for mine. But it will be about $6000 on top of that before its really on the road.
  16. Arne "I have intentionally tried to keep my equipment to a minimum" cygnusx1 "I tend to keep my long lens on the SLR body" That's why i love my 18-200mm. Good range, no swapping, and less to carry.
  17. Me too, seems like its a common hobby here as well. Couple years back I got a Nikon D60 and the af-s 18-200mm. If i get more into auto, or downhill mountain biking id like to invest in a D300 or whatever is out by the time i have the money.
  18. TriDawgn

    New seats

    Just for these interested, here are some of the measurements i have come out with. Probably not exact cause the old seats will have been squished flat a bit. The bottom lines are the rails for each of the seats. I have done a mock fit up, and the new ones do fit, even just sitting on top of the old mounts on floor pans of the z. I should have about an inch to spare, font and side for the BMW rails to fit.
  19. TriDawgn

    New seats

    At the moment i dont have any kind of blasting equipment. I have taken some rough measurements and including the side controls for the new seats, they are nearly identical.. less than half an inch difference side to side, and front to back. the only difference i can see is that the rails on the new seats are much wider than the originals, about 5" wider.
  20. TriDawgn

    New seats

    They really aren't in very good shape, it just wouldnt be practical for me to redo them on my current budget or i probably would. They would need all the lever trim bits as well. If anybody did want to take them on, id be happy to give them away for cost of shipping. Id also be happy to post more detailed pictures of their condition.
  21. TriDawgn

    New seats

    I'll definitely put some pictures up for sure, i know seat swapping has been a popular topic around here. I plan on using something like 2x2" square steel tubing to make some mounting points which ill weld to the new floor pans i have to put in anyway. Just waiting for my MIG welder to arrive which has been backordered. Should be in mid November.
  22. TriDawgn

    New seats

    These came in yesterday morning, so today i cleaned them up a bit with some Mothers leather cleaner and conditioner. Here's a side by side with the ones that were in the car when i bought it :laugh: .. Needless to say i knew i needed to do somthing about the seats, and i got these on ebay for half of what it would have cost to have the originals re-foamed and covered. They are out of a 2002 BMW 320i. All manual controls, so it will be nice i won't have to rewire anything for them, and the have height adjustment! I'll definitly post pictures of the swap when i put them in :classic:
  23. I don't think i'll need to replace any of the panels. I'll take them off, and poly x disc the inside of the panel and car side. I put in a small order to Eastwood for metal prep, rust converter and rust encapsulating paint. Also with that i ordered a spotweld drill bit. Anything that needs a small patch i have a decent size sheet (3'x4' ish) of steel in the garage i can use. This is the drill bit ill try using http://www.eastwood.com/spotweld-drill-3-8-pro.html
  24. I know this will be quite extensive, but this is more or less a complete tear down and rebuild. Engine is coming out, full suspension rebuild, new disc brakes all around, and floor pans/rails. I have a MIG welder on order and have taken classes at the local college and it seems to be something that comes rather naturally to me. As for time.. my current work contract ends oct 29th, so unless i get signed to a different site ill have all the time in the world for it. Ive already cut out a good amount of rust on the sill above the tail lights and on the hatch where a whale tail spoiler was mounted (poorly) and rusted. Theres a couple holes in the very back corner of the dog legs where i can see into the "frame". But as i said before, i want it clean. As for the rear i want it off cause the PO let the bumper brackets rust half off so ill need to mount something there and make sure there's not any extensive damage. Thanks for the tips kenz!
  25. Well, after a long break i'm back at it. I have some moderate rust issues, but nothing i think i can't fix. Unfortunately i don't have the budget to do the whole car atm but I have seen pictures around of the rear quarter panels taken off by cutting out the spot welds. What i would like to do is take off the outer panels, including door sills, dog legs, rear quarters and tail of the car below the tail lights. I want to do this so i know im not just painting over rust and have a solid base to build from. This brings up a couple questions. 1, do these provide any structural support, will i have to do them one at a time, as is suggested with floor pans? 2, If anybody knows, could you quickly sketch out where the spot weld seams are that i would need to remove? CZCC id be lost without you.
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