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  1. Hey, 

    You still around?  Like your wheels and I am thinking of buying a set.  But 205 tire is quite the stretch for 8" wide wheels, isn't it?  Ever have any issues?


  2. My first Z wasn't really a Z28 but it was my 70 Camaro My first Datsun Z is current car and I love it! Great to see you carrying on the love and good memories!
  3. They tucked it in there nicely. It is too bad you had all the extra expense. I guess that's the cost of doing R&D sometimes. On to new projects now
  4. Might I suggest updating the first post to also request tire size along with your wheel specs (if known). Maybe if you're lowered too My car has: Rota RB-R 16x8 +4 in hyper black General Exclaim UHP 205/50/16 coilovers by AYates Photos, on Flickr by AYates Photos, on Flickr
  5. I just hit the strut housings with the flapper wheel on my grinder until they slid on. I did each side even and haven't had any problems. It really didn't look like I was going to gain what I needed but that's great if the scissor jack works!
  6. This was all I had in the middle of my exhaust. It was perfect with the header and rear muffler. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SUM-630805/ With the stock manifold and a only a rear muffler (flowmaster at the time), it was never too loud (for me). Maybe my hearing is not as good The smallest diameter glass pack/resonator/mufflers on Summit I found were these. 3.25" dia http://www.summitracing.com/parts/KOK-R250-14/ not sure how much different this would make it but it is stainless and likely would cut some noise These all specify 3.5" body diameter, all pretty cheap. http://www.summitracing.com/search/Department/Exhaust/Part-Type/Mufflers/Inlet-Diameter-in/2-500-in/Outlet-Diameter-in/2-500-in/Case-Shape/Round/Universal/Yes/Case-Outside-Diameter-in/3-500-in/?Ns=Price|Asc
  7. I am using the Hawk street pads (HPS). The race pads really should only be used on the track because they are designed to work in optimal heat ranges. Too cold or too hot and you lose braking effectiveness. They can also be very aggressive against the rotors http://www.hawkperformance.com/motorsports/compounds/ http://www.hawkperformance.com/performance/hps.php The HPS pads on my car survived my track day wonderfully and are great on the street. The bite is awesome and they've been dead quiet. I would assume they'll perform similarly with the 4x4 calipers
  8. Looks good Arne! Nice work Exploring ideas sometimes turn into more work than we wanted but I think the end product looks good. Not many are going to have an exhaust like yours. If it makes you feel any better, my Magnaflow seemed like it was the same volume for the time it was on my car.
  9. 70 Cam Guy


    My understanding of headers is the 4 into 1, 6 into 1, and long tube V8 headers make their best power up top. The 6-2-1 or other tri-y designs improve torque and mid-range but don't see the same gains up top. In the case of a mostly stock L28, I think either will have the same or very similar benefits. To Arne's point, there's a big convenience factor with the 6-1 header from MSA since it bolts to their premium exhaust.
  10. I basically had a clone of the MSA exhaust on my car since last summer. My old Clifford header, 2.5" pipe to Summit glass pack, out to a 2.5" in/out Magnaflow. It sounded great, wasn't obnoxious, and I never had an issue with drone on the 400 mile haul to Long Beach. Arne, I don't remember if you have a header, but if you're running the stock exhaust manifold, it will be downright quiet.
  11. Nice work, better suspension changes the whole car. I still feel like all the hard work was worth it on my car
  12. 2.5" should be plenty on a NA L24/L28. The car/exhaust you are using for an example looks to have a custom fabricated Stainless exhaust. The TIG weld is visible just under the car. Full stainless can be super clean but also cost prohibitive. You can buy a muffler like that from a number of companies. You'll have to look around. First companies that come to mind... 5Zigen, Apexi, Magnaflow?, etc. They likely sell universal fit ones with the inlet and outlet you desire.
  13. Spray the back end of the muffler flat black when it's done and the resonated tips will POP. I think it will look and sound great. I was toying with this idea for a long time. I think I even know which tips you're using, they were on my Summit wish list for months! remember to protect that chrome when you have it welded! The exhaust shop will know though, they do it everyday
  14. I would say they are certainly predictable choices but in many cases, they fit the look of the car. Wheel choices are very personal and mostly we buy what like on the car. You could almost compare it to a woman choosing a purse. I have the RB-R's but wouldn't mind another set to change it up once in a while. In general terms, the banana spoke wheels are very popular among the classic Japanese car crowd. I love the Hayashi Street rep's from Rota but many don't. I also like that most Z cars don't look like the next one. Everybody has their taste for air dams, bumpers, wheels, colors, interior, engines, louvers, mods, etc. Even though my wheels have become popular since I've purchased them, I still like them and I feel like the rest of my mods set my car apart from the rest of the crowd.
  15. 215 on a 9.5 is super stretched. I've seen 215's on a 9 but normally see 225 or 235 on a 9.5 and 10" wide rim. We're talking stretched tires here not normal fits. The question about the -19 in the front, you might run into problems with the front valance panel turning the wheels. I'm not sure though
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