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  1. I have the last owners first and last name which I will refrain from posting for obvious reasons. Also a defunct email addy which returns. No success on FB or teh interwebz so far.
  2. It is Dark Metallic Green and the stripes are charcoal. So hard to see in pictures. Wheels are bronze matte. It is a 77 and 5MT
  3. Looking for this car. No, it is not stolen, just sold and sold again and kinda drifted out of sight and want to know where it is and if it is active. This is the way it looked in 2008. The last owner was in Idaho and military. Included to show colour of stripes which are basically impossible to see in photos: Included only to clearly show stripes and wheels as they were originally only because both show up so poorly in pictures: If you have seen this car at any time in the past 5 years I would love to hear where and how. I have a funny feeling it is parked in a field somewhere. Stephen McConnell 805-441-6856 ZVOITURE@gmail.com facebook.com/stephen.mcconnell.982
  4. Zvoiture


    OMG hello 2011
  5. The krakevik@online.no isn't working. TIA steve
  6. Are you frickin stoned? Buy the stuff from Todd. End of story. He's the best there is. Oh Oh Oh...I'm sorry. Sure. I'll trade you 6 OA blocks for your two "8"'s. How's that sound? Oh and while you're at it, throw your bottom tip 165's in the bag and I'll send you some 155 fuel jets to make your little 4-banger not cough. Shoot, throw those 210 top tubes in and I'll send you a some 185 air jets. Deal?
  7. After months of negotiations, the sale has fallen through on this car. It is available again. steve
  8. Damn! I just got another! What is it with this particular ad? Information about inquiring person: Name: adeshola gbegene Email: adeshola_gbegene007@graffiti.net =================================================== GOOD DAY, I am an auto dealer based in SCOTLAND ,i am interested in buying your(Cars)payment would be in certified check for the(Cars),i also need to know the price and your full name and address including your phone is also needed in which payment will be sent to i have a shipping company who takes cares of my shippment.So don't bother about the shippment.I will also like to know if is still in good condition and shape.urgent response is needed for procedure of payment of the (Cars) I need your quicky Response With Best Regard Thanks..
  9. Too funny..... I have sold quite a few cars over the internet including several out of country and have NEVER been approached by a scammer. Until NOW!!!! This ad has elicited two since I posted it. I feel so special now..... I told this one "wire transfer only" and she disappeared: Information about inquiring person: Name: mary Email: maryann_2004@keromail.com =================================================== i am a trader in europe ...i want to purchase your car really i have seen all it's detail and condition on the adverts.and i want to know the cost price so that we can proceed to payment,however i want you to know that i will pay by cashier cheque regards mary Then I got this one yesterday from davidwatson@alloymail.com : Hello, Thanks for your Email regarding my Offer,I just contacted My Client about the cost of your merchandise which is $3500 also informed him about the Present State And condition of the Merchandise and he is satisfied with it.So my Friend said he will be issuing you a Certified Check of $7,000 while you you deduct the cost of the merchandise $3500 and deduct $50 as compesation for the stress that you will go through when transfering the funds and wire to the rest of the funds to the shipping company $3,450 through Western Union Money Transfer.The $3,450 would be wired to the Shipping Company who would come for the pickup of the Merchandise and also make in charge of the shippment.So i would want you to send me your full contact information to where my client will be sending you the Certified Check like this: Full Name......... Full address............. Not a P.o Box Add res s City............... State............. Coun try.......... Zipcode............ Cell/office/home phone number....................... I'll be looking forward to the requested information as soon as possible so that the payment can be sent issued out immediately and do get back to me with the Pics of the Merchandise so that my client will be Able to see What he is paying off.Hope to read from you soon.. Best Regards -- Too bad I can't get a serious buyer...this would make a PERFECT race car hull. steve
  10. I'm confused. $300 for longblock motor and tranny (no intake or exhaust)? steve
  11. Just one week til the All-Datsun High Performance Driving School at Thunderhill Raceway near Sacramento. Thursday, July 15, 2004. Come on! We need more Z's! Can't let the dimes and roadsters have all the fun!!! Mt. Shasta All-Datsun Meet - The All Datsun Meet begins with a day at the Track on Thurs. July 15th at Thunderhill Raceway. The Track day includes lunch, and is limited to pre-registered Full Event & Track Participants. Non-drivers are welcome to come and watch at no additional charge. Track Group Photo at 12:30 PM! The Meet will move up to Mt. Shasta for Fri-Sun with a Swap Meet, Tour, Gymkhana, Left Coast, Autocross 1 & 2, ShowNShine, and line up for the group photo. 4 meals are included in Shasta Full Driver & Full Event Driver entry Fri. dinner, Sat. breakfast, Sat. dinner, and Sun. brunch. Photo enlargements are sold separately. Mt. Shasta single event entry price is $20.00 per event, no- pre-registration for single events necessary. Trophies will be awarded to Pre-registered participants only and No Walk Up Single EVENTS will be sold on SATURDAY!. Entry purchased at the event is not eligible for trophy. *Note: There are no refunds for the Track portion of the event after July 3rd, 2004. Go to Dime Quarterly (events) for more info. steve
  12. Have you considered replacing the stat housing? I wouldn't even mess with that old crap. After 30 years, that's usually the way to go. -OR- I have seen several where the cover bolts were drilled all the way through and a nut put on the other end of a new longer bolt. steve
  13. Oh, and Illumina's and lowered springs. steve
  14. Saw a great series one in Paso Robles today. Didn't have my camera with me, but went over the car pretty well for some time and it is one of the most rust-free examples I have seen lately. One of the dogleg seams is a bit puffy and the battery tray is flaking in places, but otherwise I found no rust. Body very straight. AZ car. Frame rails totally clean and solid. Inner seams of rear wells solid. Rear deck area solid. Pulled carpet up and found nothing. Almost no undercoating. Both floor pans show signs of 'off-road' excursions. The car is not pretty, but I was shocked at how solid it was. Was the goldenrod colour, but repainted red. Paint not too good. 2.9 stroker with maybe 1000 miles. E31. Triple 44's with short Mikuni runners, long horns and a nice ITG. Full polyurethane. 1" front and 7/8" rear-orieneted ST bar. Holly red. Interior pretty shot and seats ripped. 4-speed. A/R alloys. Oh, and unfortunately, a sunroof. $3500 OBO. Call Dustin at 805-239-5761 or call 602-363-9473 or NICODEMUS@TCSN.net
  15. Looks like it is going to get a VERY nice home...out of the country. steve
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