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  1. so its up for $4k, ill take $300 for the parts car. sound fair? I really need to find a buyer.
  2. Included in some of the pictures I posted is a written estimate from a respected body shop. I'm about to go through all of the listings i have posted and lower the price again... I started off asking $8k for the car. My father and I have close to $20k invested in the restoration and maintenance. It was a labor of love now realized to all be in vain. First i crashed it and now a young family. I guess you make plans and God laughs.
  3. so you think i should take the 4 grand for her?
  4. Calhoun Georgia. a long way from you lol.
  5. Haha, no, the roads were wet and I straightened out a corner, busted through a big decorative concrete rock. Completely shattered it going about 30 in a 25. I dare a person to hurt my baby lol.
  6. I have gotten many offers through other sites, three offers of $4000 but I turned them all down. This car was the love of my life before i met my wife. We've been through so much together and i hate myself for betraying her but part of being an adult is making sacrifices for your family though... So here I am.
  7. Asking $4999 i have a written estimate from a local body shop with a good reputation. I'm not trying to hide anything about the car, i know shes straight, just needs some body work. here are some detailed pictures of the damage, if you want to see more just ask.
  8. For Sale my 1980 280zx 10th anniversary special edition. #1862 of 3000. It is a 5 speed. I have owned this car for 6yrs and 10 months. I repainted the car the original colors about 4 years ago, installed new seat covers and carpet as well as put countless thousands of dollars into this car restoring it back to stock as close as i could (except for the stereo). I have meticulously cleaned and maintained this car, quite frankly it has been my baby. a year ago i slid into my neighbors yard and put some damage on the rear side of the car. It has been checked by a local body shop to make sure the f
  9. update: i tightened my thermostat bolts and haven't had a problem since. thanks for the help guys.
  10. FI, I haven't let it run long just 2 min with the steam. It smells like coolant to me because it doesn't smell like smoke.
  11. My reservoir has a hole in it and hasn't held fluid the whole 6 years I've had the car. It doesn't look like my radiator is low on fluid though, still at the top, she started this yesterday when I started her. I drove her home from work Sunday, and she had a hard time starting which isn't normal. I keep a close eye on everything so I would've noticed.
  12. When I start my car steam comes out of the side of the Motor, looks like it's coming from the same area as my exhaust manifold. Is my head gasket blown? I keep checking my oil and my oil looks fine, I did notice some antifreeze around my thermostat and valve cover gasket too. What do you think is going on?
  13. Hey guys. Just thought I should let you know that I now have the emblems and they look great on my car. Zcarsource finnaly got some in.
  14. I checked the 3 that I could get to without taking off the fuel rail. They seemed to be fine.
  15. The state and of idle is rough, when I can get it to idle at all. It backfires, quits, looses oil pressure and dies, other than the backfiring it sounds just lime an L28 should.
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