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  1. I got my suspension parts back from powder coating today and the difference is amazing. I have all new nuts and bolts, arriving early next week. They will be class 10.9 zinc plated. The "Bolts!" thread was a huge help, so a BIG thanks to anyone who contributed to that effort. And to finish this off i have the Eibach springs, 4 piston disc brake kit and Prothane bushing kit all waiting to go in. Heres some before and after pics.
  2. Hello all, I have a pair of seats from my '72 Z hanging out in the garage. They are quite beat up but i'm pretty sure everthing on them works. They are taking up too much space and I have decided I will not be using them in my project, so if anybody out there needs and parts im giving you guys a chance to speak up before they head to the dump. If anybody is interested in parts or whole, let me know and i can post some pictures. If you are, all i ask is the cost of shipping.
  3. well, i think that if there is anything we can learn from this, its that a decent car can't be done in 72 hours... at least in their hands. On the bright side, at least nothing was done to the red car that cant be undone..
  4. As mentioned above, there is kill switch that is hidden in the car, and the button wont work without this in the right position. As well, i don't think its a stretch to think that if you are going to install something like this in your car, an after market security system is already in, or going in with it. And this kit can tie into most if not all systems, so that when armed, the start button will not work either.
  5. Well let me be the first to say, very cool. As always looks well thought out. Dave, your contributions to this community never cease to amaze.
  6. Anyone here seen the show Car Warriors on SPEED channel? I saw a preview of next weeks episode, the two teams will be rebuilding '73 240z's. From what I saw, I will be crying as this episode airs as two cars are ruined forever, but we'll see. Will air wednesday at 9pm eastern. :ogre:
  7. Jesus, i wish tires were that cheap here. First i got a quote from Costco for about $1200 for nothing too fancy 16" tires. Ended up buying a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus from tirerack. Paid $764.22 and still had to pay to have them mounted on my Konig Rewinds.
  8. Yea, after 25 years of making fun of Honda's V-Tech they've finally put it in their engines.
  9. That c10 just plucks at my heart strings
  10. You guys can come over and do mine if you'd like Looks great!
  11. a triple carb'd RB30... sweet jesus! Does it say anywhere, what they got the final weight down to?
  12. I knew I had seen that a little while back so I did a little search... Apparently I saw it here. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40240
  13. im slightly suck in the game... i want to get into a couple of the classics series but theres not used cars from 60's-70's available atm. The Honda 500 i do have just doesnt have the power to 1rst place them. But that pic of the GTR, third shot in the first set looks just about real to me.
  14. :paranoid: wasnt me... hahaha. Ive been waiting for this one too. Ive probably spent more time playing GT3 than i spent in all my years at highschool combined.
  15. I paid about $2000 for mine. But it will be about $6000 on top of that before its really on the road.
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