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  1. Thanks Yanks, I don't think I would have liked speaking Japanese. Rick.
  2. I walked out of a tackle shop last weekend to find a couple of blokes inspecting my "Precious". (That's my wife's nick name for the Zed). We goty to talking about Zeds (of course), and one bloke said he was in the process of rebuilding a 240 that he had bought cheap. (No engine, gearbox or diff), and his intention was to use as many 350Z parts as possible. I gave him the contact details of the car club I'm in and can hardly wait to see the final result. Won't be for a while but I'll try to remember to take lots of pics. Rick.
  3. Hey there Arne, You and everyone else might think I'm crazy, (and you could very well be right), but I'd love to get my hands on a '68 Mazda Cosmo Sport. What about a Stag or even an E Type ?. Of course you could always move on from the sports cars and look for a Firebird/Camaro etc. Good luck to you, Rick.
  4. To get back to the original question; I mentioned this a couple of years ago. I came out of a shop to find a young bloke wandering around my "PRECIOUS". As I approached he asked, "What is it?". I said, "It's a prototype". "I never heard of them" he said. "Do you know what an "E" type Jag looks like?" I asked. When he said he did, I told him that, some years ago, because the "E" type was so expensive, Jag had decided to create a smaller version but had dropped the idea for unknown reasons. When I pointed out the long, sloping front and the hatchback , I had him by the short and curlies and he said that he could see the resemblance once the design similarities were pointed out to him. Rick. Oh yair, by the way, .... I did tell him the truth. I'm not that cruel. But it sure was fun.
  5. Aussies and Kiwis have always stood shoulder to shoulder and we're with you now fellas. Hang in there, Rick.
  6. Here is incontrivertable photographic proof that Australian train drivers are the best in the world, due to their vigorous training and extremely tough driver testing course designed to test their abilities to the fullest. The driver testing course;
  7. G'Day Wilson, Do a search mate, the problems of fuel tanks leaking has been covered many times in the past. Rick.
  8. G'Day there Dave, Thanks for the kind thought mate but here in Yeppoon It was, Flood? .... What Flood ??. Seriously though, while Rockhampton was cut off South and West, the roads North and East to Yeppoon remained open. Would you believe, just when the water had fully receded, Rockhampton suffered a heavy downpour yesterday which caused some miner flooding in the lower areas. I've always found that a little light hearted humour can be beneficial in times like these so, ... I attach a pic of the latest fashion in ladies footwear. Popular accessories are snorkle and mask. Rick.
  9. How the heck do you delete a post accidently posted on the wrong thread ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. Like Dave, I can't see the sense in living in an area surrounded by eucalypt trees growing close to the house. However, those living in such an area are not permitted to clear the land around their homes. I seem to remember how one bloke, whose home was spared by the flames while his neighbours lost everything was issued a fine for having cleared combustible material from around his home, which was instrumental in his home not going up in flames. I wonder who forced through such rediculous legislation that disallows such obvious precautions. Rick.
  11. Your absolutely right Brian, The "Greenies" have a lot to answer for; The Victorian bushfires because controlled burns to remove deadfall and builtup flammable material was not allowed just for starters; and now this mining disaster. If they'd allowed open cut mining there'd be 29 men alive today and their families would noty be grieving. Rick.
  12. Good grief !!!! A THIRD explosion today. That's one bloody dangerous mine. Rick.
  13. A terrible tragedy Brian. The mine being filled with Methane most likely would have killed them prior to the second blast. Three of my mates are miners at one of the mines out Blackwater C.Q. way. I'll never rib them about being paid more than they are worth again. Rick.
  14. It might appear to be coming from the left rear but don't count on it. Sounds can travel. Is there any play in the UJ where the spline goes into the diff?. I had that problem with an old '63 Holden. If you've double checked the torque on all bolts and still get the "Clunk" when you take your foot off the pedal, I'd be inclined to check for play in the drive shaft UJ's.
  15. I thought I'd add my two cents worth with some songs that will stir up the memory banks of all the other old farts like me. How about; Trans Canada Highway and Last Exit To Brooklyn and Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by Gene Pitney. Twentieth Century Drifter by Marty Robbins Forty Hour Week and Ride TheTrain by Alabama. Six Days On The Road by Dave Dudley. Forty Miles Of Bad Road, (instrumental) by Duanne Eddy. Truck Drivin' Outlaw by Dennis Olson. Runaway by Del Shannon. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes by Bobby Vee. And a couple of hundred more from that era. Rick.
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