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  1. torynich

    Datsun roadster 2000

    Yes! Thank you. That was what I was looking for.
  2. torynich

    Datsun roadster 2000

    So I have owned several (8) 240s, 260s, 280s throughout my life and have a pretty good handle on them as far as pricing and where to go for information on them. There is a 1969 roadster 2000 on my local Craigslist that I've been eyeing for a while. I have no idea what current values are, where to get parts, what should be done first...you know, all the good articles and threads we find here on Classic. Does anyone know of a trusted form or whatever that a roadster guy should look in to? https://westslope.craigslist.org/cto/d/1969-datsun-roadster-2000/6596954244.html
  3. torynich

    Velocity Stacks?

    240260280, I keep seeing those pictures of norms mod but I can't find a write-up on it anywhere. Does anyone have more info on it?
  4. torynich

    Front end 280z to 240z style

    Looks great! What did you do to fulfill all your questions at the beginning of the post?
  5. torynich

    Stroker 3.1

    I wish it showed the tach....that was smooth.
  6. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    Everything has been sold, thanks everyone.
  7. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    I was rummaging around in the garage this morning and found a used but operational Carter fuel pump and Mr gasket style dial fuel pressure regulator. I also have a new Holley fuel pressure regulator p/n 12-804 along with a new 0-15 psi gauge that I will include in the price for the Weber's.
  8. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    I would be willing to strip the powder coat off the intake manifold and heat shield and re- powder coat in practically any color you want if you purchase the Weber's (same price)...don't forget, free shipping. Now is a good time to get rid of some of that worthless Bitcoin
  9. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    The valve covers and oil pan have been sold...
  10. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    Sent you a pm KindubZ. Siteunseen, let me think about that.
  11. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    I glass beaded and alodined all the aluminum before powder coating then on the valve covers I removed the powder coat from the lettering with a scotchbrite disk on my diegrinder and then re alodined the bare aluminum. Alodine is a chemical conversion coating for aluminum used for corrosion control and is gold in appearance. (Alodine is different from anodized) The aluminum could be polished to a high silver luster still if so desired. The red valve cover is still available.
  12. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    Apparently sometimes the early shifters will make contact with the later transmissions typically for first third and fifth. Looks like mine was only affecting the shift to fifth so there was no need to disassemble the tranny . The transmission is no longer for sale for $150. Don't forget...free shipping in the continental US on everything else.
  13. torynich

    [SOLD] Triple Weber's, 5-speed, and more

    the early 5 speeds didn't have a brass syncro, I believe its steel.
  14. I accept crypto currency. I'm always open to trades. More pics upon request. Brand New 40dcoe 151's with black texture powder coated cannon intake, Datsun Spirit heat shield powder coated black texture and Datsun Spirit fuel delivery pipe gold anodized. "How to build and power tune Weber and Dellorto" book. $1700 shipped conus. One black texture powder coated valve cover, one black texture powder coated oil pan, and one red wrinkle powder coated valve cover. $50 each shipped conus Early 280 5-speed. $150 shipped conus. I bought this transmission a couple of years ago from a member of HybridZ as a recent overhaul. It sat for a couple of years in my garage before I got a chance to install it. After installation everything worked fine, shifted smooth, except 5th gear. It will go in to fifth gear just fine without the engine running, but won't go in to fifth while driving. I removed the transmission and disassembled it to inspect for damage but did not find anything obvious without further disassembly. I didn't want to disassemble it further so I decided to upgrade to an SX 5-speed. I used this front case for my new 5-speed so this one will come with a 4-speed front case that will need to be machined to accept the reverse light switch in the correct location. I will throw in an early 4-speed input shaft assembly also so you can make a frankentranny if so desired (I was planning on doing this to go with my 3.36 rear gears instead of swapping out the rear end).
  15. torynich



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