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  1. Can someone explain the real world difference in engine operation using the different heat range spark plugs. How and when would you know which heat range your particular engine is wanting?
  2. @Pop's Z I'm curious if you are running ethanol blend gas or non ethanol blend gas?
  3. So this is slightly related since an engine is an engine. I work at an aircraft piston engine overhaul shop and a couple of years ago our engine test cell was rented out to an investigation team looking in to the effects ring gap has on horsepower. The short story is that even at an inch of ring gap the horsepower stayed constant...it smoked worse than a diesel though!
  4. Where's the duct tape MacGuyver?!?!
  5. Permatex #2 would be a good choice to seal the fittings without having to overtighten them.
  6. Ok, so silly question, but what exactly are you attaching the choke cables to? Wasn't the needle removed along with the dome and piston?
  7. What tape would y'all recommend?
  8. Have you powdered over jbweld before? I was under the impression the powder wouldn't flow over it, or are you hot spraying?
  9. I sent you an email Jim, thanks!
  10. I'll try calling them Monday.
  11. I'm in need of the two phenolic carb spacers (without coolant passage). Motorsport auto is out of stock, zcar Depot and ztherapy don't have any listed on their websites.
  12. torynich


    I'm looking for a Datsun/Nissan (not Subaru) r180 in 354, 390, or 411 ratio. (first preference is a 390 or 411) I'm located in Colorado, 81401
  13. @zKars, I received the horn button and mirror today. They look great. Thanks!!!
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