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  1. I bought the shell in july of 2018 and rb swapped it. I just recently got it on the road and have only drove it at night once or twice. I did the relay mod on the headlights during the swap and they were working fine. A few days ago I was checking everything over because there is a local car show weekend coming up. That's when I noticed this problem manifested. I pulled my turn signal switch to clean it out because about half the time they weren't working. I got those fixed and put it back on the car and then the headlights weren't working. I pulled the headlight switch before I left the house. I'll get some pics of it with I get home.
  2. If the ignition is off and I put the headlight switch to on the lights won't turn on, but if I turn the wipers on with headlight switch still on they will work even with the key in the off position.
  3. My car just started something weird. My headlights won't work unless the wipers are switched on. The parking light setting on the switch will work. I took the switch apart and gave it a cleaning but nothing changed. Has anyone else experienced this?
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