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Half shaft rebuild. What could require that?

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I'm removing my differential to install a LSD*. While at it, I was looking to see if I need to address anything else in this 49-year old car. 

I've seen detailed videos on rebuilding half shafts and was wondering what could possibly require rebuilding on them since there is so little movement this component needs to experience. The universal joints appear to be fine so far.

*BTW: I decided to go with a KAAZ unit because I like their technical support, ability to adjust (although not easily) and I found a great price including shipping if I order them from a Japan-based vendor.


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Run them through their range of motion and see how they feel.  I had one from a parts car that had been rear-ended and it must have damaged the half shaft.  It would bind in its travel.  I took it apart but did not see any visible damage.  

On the u-joints, the factory joints have caps in the Zerk fitting holes.  Remove cap, install Zerk, squirt grease.  Check the seals.

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The older half shafts have a little screw inbetween were you can put a little nipple to grease them. then put the little screw back.

If they have play it will soon get more.. replacing the needle bearings in a halfshaft takes a lot of your patience i learnt..haha..pffff... use lot of grease to hold them in place.

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