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Another Vendor Is Gone


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6 hours ago, ensys said:

Apparently, their web site doesn't know it yet....

I checked the website too, and there is nothing about closing up or shutting down.

Seems odd that their phone message would be the only source of this info. 

I sent an email through the site but have not received any response. 

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These are challenging times for business and the economic future in the short term is not good.  I have both friends and family that own small business and they all same the exact same thing.  My brother built 4,000 homes this past decade and had decided to pull the plug as the housing market is set to get crushed soon.  With the looming 1.0 rate hike next week next week it will only worsen.  Spoke to a close friend yesterday who says he’s probably going to shut down his business and layoff all his employees because the customers are no longer there and his prices are increasing so fast he cannot stay ahead of it and customers are pissed off at him.   The challenges are becoming insurmountable to many small business and there is three things I hear over and over from all of them,  1. Cannot find good workers   2. The cost of doing business has increased sharply and they have to pass those costs to the customers which is driving them away.  3. More hostile governmental policies and tax burdens   4. The cost to borrow money has increase sharply and they don’t want to take on the risk.
I am seeing this where I work.  We just announced we are closing 90 brick and mortar locations in the US, we have stopped hiring and profits are way off estimates.  We are operating fewer flights and the stock has plunged 19%.   We have seen a serious reduction is global package deliveries.  This company is a bellwether for the health of the nation’s economy.  All signs point to “storm clouds gathering”. 
I’m sad to see this vendor close.   This is what comes up if you go to their website.  
Time to buckle up!



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