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  1. I'm pretty sure our stock flywheels are single mass. So when you replace it with a lightweight single mass I believe it is not supposed to make more noise. However, I replaced my stock flywheel with the Fidanza one, had it all balanced, and now I have a bit more chatter in the transmission. Perhaps my transmission is a bit worn? Not sure,but it shifts good, doesn't wine at speed or have any noticable problems. Just a bit more noise. Now after 4,000+ miles I don't notice it.
  2. Yes in Washington you just bring the license plate to the Dept. of licensing office and depending on how bad of a day the cashier is having they just re register the car with the vintage plates you brought in. They just have to be the same plate design that would have been issued the year that the car was built. My car ia an '80ZX, but these plate numbers likely would have been issued in the 1970's.
  3. $6500 will get you a Datsun Spirit stage 2 engine.
  4. There's a good chance that the water pump bolts have either already been broken by a previous owner, or will break as you are removing them. It's not that big of a deal if you break one, they aren't terribly hard to remove, especially with the engine on a stand and not in the car. I would go ahead and replace the head gasket and timing chain while the engine is out. The book that Siteunseen mentioned is the way to go for sure. I had never done it before and used that book. Made perfect sense and I'm no real veteran at this stuff. If setting the cam timing is your biggest worry, that book makes it plain and clear. Plus there's lots of threads on here about it, and if you get stumped, folks are happy to help.
  5. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/seattle-1973-datsun-240z/7426456408.html maybe a stroker in there? Too bad the triples don't come with it.
  6. You'll get it, and it sure is nice to be able to clean up the engine bay. On a side note, I used to live in the Ravenswood neighborhood near Irving Park and lawrence in the mid to late '90's. I worked at that Sears on the 1900 block of Lawrence delivering TV's and such. Sometimes i miss the place.
  7. Been watching some videos, looks like bolts in the tank are key to agitating everything. Thanks for the tips.
  8. Thanks, I'll bet it's something like that. Too bad its coming apart, I'm not sure I'll be able to tend to it without splitting the tank in two. Those are great little bikes! I run my CT90 about twice a week in the winter and regularly to work in the summer, only 8 miles from my house. Mostly for fun but now that gas doesn't seem to be going below $4.00 a gallon here it's nice to get 90+MPG. Premium only in the Z gets it driven about twice a week too if it's lucky.
  9. I found some debris in the fuel tank of my old Honda CT90 Trail motorcycle. Time to clean the carb and fuel tank. After trying to clear out the tank, I found that it has some sort of coating that is coming apart and getting into the fuel system. No big deal, I have a parts bike with a good tank that does not have this. I bought the bike in question from the original owner who bought it new in '72. He never said anything about coating the tank, and I've never coated one to know what it looks like. Can anyone tell what this is? The stock tank is just steel on the inside and outside.
  10. I couldn't find where EGR was discussed in the new to me 280z thread. Was it on another forum? Nice car by the way. Deleting the EGR and catalytic converter from my '80ZX were one of the 1st things I did to it. Were you wanting to know what equipment and lines to delete? Or just whether or not the deleting it can have a negative impact? I don't really think it has any adverse effects.
  11. We all make sure to look busy when you enter the room haha.
  12. In Japan they go out and get Kentucky Fried Chicken to celebrate American Thanksgiving. A wonderful people with perhaps the most excellent way to meld American culture into their own. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. It's just an excuse for us to eat and complain about our families haha.
  13. I have been running the F54 on my '80ZX without that valve for several years and have found no negative side effects. I have no way of knowing if my heater core is original, but being as it's no longer available, I'd guess it's at least a decade old. I inspected it last year when the dash was out while fixing floorboard rust holes and such. No apparent problems. I run the heat pretty much constantly in the winter. I'm not sure if that would ave anything to do with coolant circulation to the rear of the head, but during the break in procedure of my engine, I checked temperatures from the front of the engine to the rear and did not notice any wild variations in temperature(with IR temp reader and spark plug observation). Roughly 3,000 miles since rebuild.
  14. Here is a thread where I was asking for previous experience and thoughts on a .480/274 cam with stock fuel injection. People with a great deal of knowledge suggested that I would be disappointed with the results. I ended up installing a .460 lift cam on a .080 shaved P79 head with DSI lightened flat top pistons. I went for Zcardepot's FAST EFI system. It's nowhere near as tunable as Megasquirt or Haltech, but it works just fine for my application. The car runs beautifully. Didn't even bother seeing what would happen if i tried to run the stock FI. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/63898-lift-480-480-duration-274274-cam-with-oe-fuel-injection/
  15. If I were close I would. I've always wondered if you could get away with doing a restoration in a public storage rental...
  16. I'm sure someone will chime in with a more scientific response, but I remember reading that you are supposed to re-torque the exhaust hardware after a few heat cycles..which I have interpreted as cold. I believe I have the cheaper version of the same header as you...the MSA paintable 6 to 1(non coated). I have the same tick, and it gets a little louder when the car is at normal operating temperature. I will contend, however, that I did "lightly" drop the header last year when I had the engine out of the car, so I'm sure my tick is self inflicted. I have replaced the OEM exhaust hardware with studs from MSA, and I have indeed tightened them while hot...but certainly not very much tighter than they were. It made the tick only barely less noticeable, and preceded go back to the same noise level after another long drive..but again, I probably have a small fracture. So cold is probably safest, hot is ok as long as you are careful not to put too much pressure on your wrist torque wrench.
  17. Oddville, The Frogs and Sebastian Bach..a walk down memory lane.
  18. One thing in addition to the info Mark suggested, wether or not the engine is at normal operating temperature vs. cold will affect your readings. But as was mentioned, you're more concerned about having the numbers not be too far off from each other. I have a cheap Harbor Freight compression checker and it reads about 18 psi lower when checked alongside a Snap on compression checker. It's even worse on my small 90cc Honda CT90 dirt bike. Some say the position of the Schrader valve has something to do with it.
  19. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-Datsun-Z-Series-/324840608189?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 Another sweet convertible. Hard to resist hitting the Buy now button
  20. Yeah I understand. Good on you, man. The late '80's were my early teens, wish I had learned some decent work ethic instead of how to be a troublemaker. That came later. Congrats on the new job, now is indeed a good time to be in the paint industry.
  21. If you are anything like me that means stealing your dad's car to take you and your skateboarding punk friends to a Bad Religion concert, wrecking it on the way back doing doughnuts trying to impress girls?
  22. Try OfferUp too. It's what all the kids are using haha
  23. Sometimes i feel like where I live I'd have an easier time navigating the system if I got all hopped up on Fentanyl, shot someone and then stole their car, as opposed to shooting someone who stole my car.
  24. Just in case your engine has been swapped with a later ZX motor or Frankensteined out of a later head/earlier block, look on the passenger side along the bottom of the head for the head identification..It'll likely be N47
  25. It'll depend on which head you have what shape the exhaust ports are.
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