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  1. I'm not sure I follow. The 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, and 280ZX all had the same size flywheel and clutch (except for the 2+2 and turbo models) as I understand it.
  2. Good to know. How did you determine which one to buy?
  3. I need to buy a Clutch Throwout Release Bearing Sleeve for my build and see that there are different ones available. Do I need to match this to the transmission (using '77-'19 wide ratio 5-speed)? The clutch fork (using early 240Z clutch fork)? Or something else competely?
  4. We used the drain plug, way faster and easier...it's there for a reason just like the one on your engine. 😉
  5. I'm with ya! I bought mine (HLS30-08215) in 2003 (I think) figuring it was a 5 year project, then the following year we had our first kid. Well I spent years collecting parts and more Z cars and never putting any work into any of them until last year (thank you COVID, and my son for encouraging me and showing an interest himself). Kids and life got in the way for a while. I'm not sure I see anything in your pix that I need or must have at the moment (or that I think I may need in the future). There's certainly stuff I could pick up and if it were cheap enough I might, though wa
  6. The price fluctuates a little, I paid $123 + $11 shipping and got it from jdmplanet on eBay...currently they are a few bucks more. Shipping was shockingly fast, ordered March 14, 2021 and received on March 23. https://www.ebay.com/itm/193849586296?hash=item2d2255f278:g:h9QAAOSwighZg0vC
  7. FWIW here's the electric fuel pump I got straight from Japan.
  8. While not in Houston I am just up the road in Austin. Post pictures of what you have...I may see something in there I "must" have. 😉
  9. @AK260, that looks a lot like the one I've been thinking about using. I'm looking at the Malpassi Filter King Fuel Pressure Regulator & Gauge Clear Glass Bowl.
  10. Why yes is sure does! 😉
  11. I went digging through my parts over the weekend and could not find what I was looking for. If anyone has a clutch fork like the top one in this picture please let me know.
  12. That is where I was leaning to start with though wanted to make sure I was not missing a good reason to get the other one (other than it being cheaper of course).
  13. I've seen another discussion about this piece in recent months...I wish I could remember where so I could point you to it to see what that person did.
  14. And to add insult to injury they put a bowtie on the rear end. 😞
  15. Currently there is an adjustable one on there.
  16. It is possible to have both electric and mechanical fuel pumps on a 240Z. There is even wiring already in place for the electric pump in the rear near the fuel pick up/sending unit. My 240Z had both when I bought it. I'm making several updates to things and replacing many old items including the electric fuel pump (the one that was there was not wired using the stock wiring and what was run was attached with a twist and some electrical tape...can you say fire hazard!). To select your electric fuel pump there are some threads on here that discuss different pumps...the largest com
  17. I thought that this had been discussed yet I could not find the thread via search. I have a series 1 car (1970 240Z) with a 5 speed. I'm replacing the clutch slave cylinder and wanted to ask which one I should buy? There is the manually adjustable one which appears to be for the 1970-1972 and has a hole for the return spring then there is the non-adjustable one without the hole for the return spring which appears to be for 1973-1983. These are available from MANY sources so I'd also be interested in which you have had good or bad experiences with so I can further narrow down the
  18. I am not sure about a fiberglass one though these are out there... Aluminum ($109-129): https://skillard.com/product/datsun-240z-aluminum-glove-box/ ($95-115): https://bhjautomotive.com/shop/interior/240z-aluminum-glove-box/ Paper/cardboard (like stock) ($30): https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/40-3351 ($50): https://zcarsource.com/glove-box-compartment-240z-70-73-new/ ($40): https://zcardepot.com/products/glove-box-liner-240z-1970-73
  19. Taking a closer look at your picture I think you need more than one piece. The lower area is available from more than one place, check Klassic Fab as I've been hearing good things about them lately, I also just saw that part here https://resurrectedclassics.com/collections/sheet-metal/products/datsun-240z-rear-taillight-body-panel as a result of reading another thread on here and following a link. The upper piece is also available and again I'd check with Klassic Fab first.
  20. It sticks in my mind that Klassic Fab may have that. If you do not see it on the website reach out to him and ask, there are new parts in development and coming available...he's been hard at work this past year or so. 🙂 https://kfvintagejdm.com/product-category/datsun/
  21. One additional thought...if I recall correctly the floor pans that MSA sells are from Zedd Findings (please correct me if I am wrong or if this has changed).
  22. Oh wow that's a blast from the past! I had completely forgotten about showcars. Yes these are two different companies and different people. Showcars as I recall offers a variety of fiberglass kits/pieces for the Z, I've honestly not heard that name in over a decade and am not even sure if they are still around...though from what grannyknot says above perhaps they do still exist.
  23. Zedd Findings = company name Charlie = owner founder, he's the man datsunzparts.com = the internet domain (aka website) for Zedd Findings...it is not terribly uncommon to find a company with a URL that does not match their company name Charlie has been doing this a long time and is quite reliable.
  24. Yes I'm looking for the early one, no bushings on it at all, and the bolts that attach it are vertical. As you mentioned, there is a picture of it in my post quoted from someone else though you do have to click expand to see it. I hope this clarifies what I'm looking for, if not please do not hesitate to ask me more questions. 🙂
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