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Engine Oil 10W-40 vs 20W-50 in L28


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Hi Guys, so i know this has been discussed a gazillion times.

I have been running DRIVEN 10W-40 Conventional and so far so good. It has great wear protection/ZDDP.

Just wondering how many are running 20W-50? Temp in CA in summer gets over 80F routinely and I was thinking to upgrade to the below? what do you guys think?


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I used 10w40 always in L28 in 3 cars.. over 30 years experience and never another.. i think you can use 20W50 also because of the warm weather, but still u will use a bit more fuel because of the viscosity of the thicker 20W.. for lubrication i think you can stick to 10W40, makes very little difference. As fuel is expensive i would stick to 10W... 

Racing oil is also not necessary, throwing away your money.. unless you have a very modified engine. You could use some oil special for high miles engines if you have a lot of miles on your engine.. say over 200 kmiles..

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I did a stock rebuild on the original N42 engine that was in my '80 ZX( I have since installed another motor).  Before I pulled it out of the car, I was running 20W 50 to mask a knock at idle.  Upon disassembly I found some main bearings that were pretty thrashed.  No big surprise.  The PO probably abused it and ran it low on oil.  

The 20W 50 was very effective in masking that knock, although it hadn't progressed into the out of control stages yet.  

It doesn't sound like you are having any issues like that, just wanting to know if higher weight oil is ok to use for extra protection in desert heat.  All of us on the west coast U.S. have been getting heat waves.  Even here in Seattle(as I type this it's 59 and raining).

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10w30 down here. That high milage valvoline has the best additives from my reading without going with the diesel oil. It's got some extra zddp for worn engines and supposedly keeps the rubber conditioned?

Walmart has a high milage brand also that I run in my d21 pickup with 350,000 plus miles. 

I have great oil pressure in my 240, always. When it drops down a little I check my records and it's always time for a change out. Can't explain that but it never fails to be true.

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