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  1. Thanks guys would certainly contact Ron this time if this is the recommendation.
  2. Looking at the tread Zclock does restoration vs guys in IL can do a quartz conversation. I am not sure how long the mechanical movement will last. They are old school and can go bad anytime. I am leaning towards quarts movement.
  3. Hi, anyone tried this? mine doesnt work and I suspect old mechanical parts. Anyone tried quartz conversion?
  4. Last time I locked my doors my ignition was in ON!!! Luckily I had found a spare few days back tucked in a small bag and tied to the inside of the front fender by the previous owner which saved me from some pain.
  5. I am sure not many folks had seen this. Found one rarely…the knob that opens and shut the air duct near the legs/knees on the driver side 🙂
  6. I have not pulled the door panels out to see what is wrong but my door locks really are bad and the key barely move the lock up etc. even the key is bend. These original keys are also kind of not as hard. Has anyone replaced the 2 door locks? is it easy and any recommendation what locks to get?
  7. Coming along… Appreciate the support of all you guys. It has been the lifeline for this Z.
  8. Will live with this for now …
  9. Inflated the original and it is not bad looking at all. I mean look inflated pretty evenly with a car inflator and inflated to 25psi in about less than 5 min. Seems to be holding air. I plan to let it sit for few hours.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224608896506?hash=item344bbbc5fa:g:J58AAOSwGt1hQCTw I am just gonna get this Audi inflator and the battery connector you mentioned. Keep the original SST since I am a stock freak and forget about everything 😁
  11. One more thing, what about a portable cigarette lighter car tire inflator? anyone tried that with the Z? will the lighter circuit provide the level of AMPs or will blow off the fuse if connected?
  12. May be this has been answered in CO post. T115/70/14 wont fit the stock rims which the SST is on?
  13. Continental SportContact 195/40 R14 This seems out of stock but this should go on the stock SST rim and walla - it will also fit the space in the hatch. I am currently running stock 195/70R14 on all 4 wheels. If I cannot find one had to resort to @Captain Obvioussolution.
  14. Has anyone put the SST in the trunk inflated? I tried putting air in it while on ground and that thing was bubbling up like crazy and i had to stop. I dont want to rely on a canister and i dont have one either. The only spec which fit the tire well at the back is 195/40/R14 and that tire done exist ... Sorry yes i am trying to put an always inflated tire on this rim and also making sure it actually fit in the trunk. Anything bigger than 20in diameter with tire on wont fit in the space provide, thats why i quoted 195/40R14
  15. I have couple of original antenna switches. If you can send me the pic of your antenna connector i can share pic. PM me if interested.
  16. Some 240z parts I picked up. Let me know if something is needed. Free of cost. You pay shipping.
  17. Planning to take all front body parts off for powder...including hood/front fenders.
  18. Today finally steam cleaned the under carriage and glad to see all good under coating, no rust and most of the oil and buildup was around trans and diff. Got it nice and clean. Left the engine alone! It runs flawless idles great and don’t want to take any chance. I am thinking of keeping stock setup for now. tomorrow I am gonna move the balance weights inside and put on the stock hub caps etc. will share a pic later again. For now here is the shot …
  19. With stock 5in and 15mm offset as mentioned in the FSM, i am roughly 2.5 + 0.5 = 3in over the drums from the hub surface. Now if u put 9in on the rear with 0 offset that would be 4.5in over the rear drums. Approx 1.5in more on the inside towards my current strut setup and would be 2.5in extra out towards the fender. Which i believe I have the clearance on both sides, unless I am missing something. Plus I plan to go 15in diameter vs current 14in that would safely put me over my stock brakes. Thoughts?
  20. My 77 FSM says stock wheels are 14 x 5.5 (aluminum) and 14 x 5 (steel) both comes with 15mm offset. Tire size 195/70/R14 - the ones i have. May be it can support other tire sizes but this is the only in the FSM. Does it mean a 0 offset new wheel would a bit too far away from the struts? like a 15 x 9+0
  21. Dumb question guys...i bought the cheapest tires 3 years as we were working on the car on stock rims. They are 195/70/R14 - does this mean current rims are 14" diameter and 8" wide? (195mm is approx. 8"), is this how u read this? And 205 vs 215 also probably fit a 8" wide rim? so whats the difference?
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