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how to protect fenders when working in the engine compartment


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15 minutes ago, z8987 said:

How do you protect your fenders paint etc when working in the engine compartment ? 


I use a Studebaker mechanic's fender protector that I've had for decades.  You can get a Summit Racing one here:


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I bought some paint dropcloths, runners is what they call the size I bought. When I'm leaning on those tin can fenders I put the hardest carboard in between the dropcloths, sandwich style. 

I want nice fender protectors but that was cheap for me at the moment. Now I don't need anything since I'm done.

Found some pics...



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Magnets are important! I have some fender pads but without magnets they won't stay in place. I have asked for someone to put magnets on them for Christmas for two years now but no luck...

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I use regular fender covers, and gaffer’s tape to hold them from slipping. 

I found the type with magnets would get bits of metal on them, and it would scratch the finish.

I also try to avoid leaning on the fenders, as they dent quite easily.



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I bought a universal front end cover and cut it to fit my car.  I really like that it stays put. I cut it so that it drapes inside the fender a bit. Also note that even my windshiled is protected, but I did have to cut it to allow the doors to open.


(Mine is much older than the one in the link. Buts still a Fender Gripper)

Now... if I could only get around to putting the engine back together and get this car running. It has been too many years. 



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23 hours ago, siteunseen said:

Like your garage. Tire storage is great! 

It's cold out so maybe you can spend some time in there? Everybody loves a "rebuild" thread. :beer:

I absolutely need to get started on reassembling that engine. I am a bit stuck on some details. And of course, time is a factor. But I miss driving the car.

It has about 46k original miles. The only reason I took it out was to fix a leaking front main seal and ro cleanit up. Then I spotted oil staining on the exhasut gasket, which I attributed to worn valve guide seals. So I pulled the head. And now I want to clean the engine bay up too...

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