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Another Day, Another Oil Spray Bar failure


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Deja vu all over again. Working on a buddies L26 engine, doing a Weber carb jet and tune, and decide to check valve lash and replace the valve cover gasket. 

Take off the cover, and starting doing a SOP check up on things and what should I see?

Well first, what do I NOT see? The back end of the spray bar is what!


Ok, where’s Waldo?  Oh thank god, there it is, laying there happy as a clam. 

Cam lobes don’t look too bad, hopefully this happened not too long ago. 

Go to the stash for the later version that has better welds. Down to one more of those. Going to have get the TIG welder out and weld that back tube into place on the dozen or so spares that ALL have loose welds ALL Along the rail. The middle ones are trapped, so they can’t fall out.

Everybody go check your spray bars. See who’s home or who is packing their bags and has a ticket purchased.

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20 hours ago, 240dkw said:

Jim, this is what I did as I do not have a TIG welder. Just checked it and the grommets are holding up.


Wow! I had totally forgotten about that. What a cool idea, support/trap the ends of the tubes.

I'm going to buy one of those aftermarket oil tubes as well and see what happens. 

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