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(Budget) what do I do


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I've got an l28 that's going to the shop. Started skipping and choking. Now won't crank. And the head gasket is leaking oil . Mechanic quoted $1300.


Option B

I have a l28et that needs to be rebuilt. Previous owner had an oil line bust for the turbo. ( Probably messed that up) I know he blew the factory turbo. So assuming that's $3k to rebuild. Then I need a mega squirt $1,500 for ignition and tuning. But I get to keep my 4speed and rear end.


Option c

Just buy a LS for $900. But then I'll need a trans and rear end.


So with 330-400hp in mind, idk what I should do that's best bang for your buck.



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Buy Tom Monroe's how to rebuild your Nissan/Datsun OHC book, go spend a few hundred dollars on tools you might not have, and set about rebuilding it yourself. 

I had never done it before, and aside from some slight anxiety, I managed to get through it.  Ive been running it over a year without problems(Just recently went through it again this time with cam/valvetrain)

Not trying to speak poorly about your mechanic, but typically it's about $3500 to have an L28 totally gone through and rebuilt stock. 

Personally I love LS motors. They are great, and just make sense.  I've thought of doing an LS swapped early '80's Trans AM.  But part of Z ownership is that wonderful L series. Just my opinion of course.

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There are many LS swaps in your country, You did'nt give a lot of info on your car but i asume you have a 280z or zx, as they get more expensive it's better to keep it stock.  I think a lot of those people who have done the V8 swap are more and more regretting they have done that and did'nt keep the L-series engine.

So.. restore the engine yourself for a few hundred dollars!  You learn alot and if you don't know what to do or how, we can help you do it the right way, just ask..  remember, there are no stupid questions there are only stupid "students" that don't ask! :pow:

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LS swaps are not that cheap, you might be able to do it cheaper if you grab a car that came with an LS to swap all the stuff over. Then parting out that car. But still your going to be in the hole for all the other stuff that you’ll need.

fixing that l28 might be the cheapest of the options. Although that much for a head gasket is asking a lot, shops have to make money though. 

If your inclined the DIY route will certainly save you a bunch of money, I think @siteunseen is at the ballpark, without getting into machining costs, $500 will get you pretty far with a l28. 

the nice thing about that route is when it comes time for fix that l28et you’ll be more knowledgeable of what needs to be done on it. 

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20 hours ago, Patcon said:

330-400hp is an expensive proposition in these cars. It takes a good bit of money to build that kind of motor. Then you have drivetrain and brake upgrades. Ends up requiring a pretty big budget

Let's not forget adding strength to the body as they were no designed to handle that much power.

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