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[2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?


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S30Driver and I have resurrected a  long (40+ year) dormant Datsun AM self seeking radio on this first day of 2017.

This 4 minute video should fill in the details of this exceptionally exiteing event---:D

Many thanks and great gratitude to Jim 2 for his technical and production skills in making this happen!  WOOO HOOO!!

Zup AM Seeker.jpg

Here's  the video-----



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I drove my Z down to Sugar Hill Speed Shop (https://www.facebook.com/Sugar-Hill-Speed-Shop-1001732356563108/photos) today to pick up an engine, flywheel and clutch that a friend gave me. We loaded it up on another friend's truck and stored it in his garage.

The engine is a fresh rebuild with less than 150 miles on it. I attached a photo of the car it came out of.

The friend who is storing the engine for me is going to help me with the engine swap in about a month from now.

I have been unbelievably blessed with making some incredible friendships over the last few years.



New Engine.jpg


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