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    1973 2 owner Carlifornia car.
    F54/E88, Early SU´s, R200 3,9, 280zx 5-speed box.

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  1. Here’s some more pics and a link to a lot of photos of the Swedish jdm scene. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ABFdrQKXeDiJuXFq5
  2. Japdays 2021 at Mantorp Park. Rain rain and rain all day long…but lots of jdm cars showed up.
  3. Leaking slave cylinder replaced so now i have a clutch again, and finally found the time to paint a valve cover I’ve had laying on the shelf for years. Japdays at Mantorp Park coming up this weekend so need to get some things sorted during this week. IMG_2111.MOV
  4. Those little fuc… always break in half when i try to pop them in….i have given up on them…
  5. Out for some ice cream and adventure golf with my youngest daughter. 80km in the Z. Now back into the garage. IMG_1856.MOV FullSizeRender.mov
  6. Past inspection with flying colors, a tad high CO but I was allowed to tune the carbs a bit so no problem. No more inspection needed here in Sweden for this car 1973 so that’s good.
  7. Found some electrical gremlins. On friday its time to go in for the last inspection. IMG_1681.MOV
  8. Yes. Mines still sitting on the shelf, would be a nice upgrade from the late us e88 head that’s on my engine now.
  9. I also think the E88 efi (closed chamber) head should not be forgotten..
  10. Hi/ Seats fit great but you will find yourself sitting a tad higher. Im 178cm and around 78kg and have no problem fitting. I made my seat rails as low as I could but would like to modify the stock mounting plates sometime to get an extra 1-2 cm.
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