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  1. Hmmm.... What could shipping be to Sweden, Im in need of a better clutch. /Andreas
  2. Yes, 290 is what is supposed to be
  3. 243 is the 0.50 duration. I have sadly got some other things to put my money on at the moment so the build of this head will probably have to wait a while. Head is now at the shop for cleaning/checking so it’s good to go (hopefully) when i have collected all parts i need, valves, seats, guides, adjustable cam gear etc.
  4. I used a tape from TESA but can’t remember what type. It’s super strong, water proof, uv resistance etc.
  5. My 2c... Dont drill, use tape.
  6. Started it up for the first time in 6 month. 40A08557-C506-428F-B8EF-64E44E577F52.MP4
  7. Dropped of my head for work at my friends place. Always a nice place to visit.
  8. These are made in Europe, they are also sold in the US by Hung Vu (you can find him on FB and on this site to but I can’t remember his name here).
  9. Well they fit great. Haven’t screwed them down as they are for a friend of mine and my existing holes doesent line up. I have a different hole pattern on my old covers (there were at least 2 or 3 different hole patterns for these lenses through the years). Looks and feels like a very good quality item.
  10. Will go with these valves https://www.rhdjapan.com/kameari-l-type-lightweight-big-valves-set-in-45-ex-36-5-118-l6.html What about valve guides? I see two different sizes here, anyone like to explain why? https://www.rhdjapan.com/search/engine/nissan_fairlady-z_hs30-l24-10-1971-01-1974/model/nissan_fairlady-z/car/nissan/category/cylinder-head-and-valvetrain_valve-guides
  11. Will test fit tomorrow and also test the new lenses in my old frames.
  12. Arrived today. Unpacking and inspection. Very nice reproduction headlight covers.
  13. I’m a person that appreciate some “battle scars” on some of the old “rare” parts i find. I don’t feel the need to or want to restore some pieces to like new condition. For example i want my old steering wheels to have some wear and marks in them, it feels and looks good and tells a story about them. I feel the same with these wheels. I really want a set of ks rally wheels and have looked for a long time. I was about to place an order for a set of five wheels a while ago through a shop in Japan but now when these other replicas are available im hesitating as im affraid that they will be all over the place. It’s a bit sad in my own opinion.
  14. Would love to have a set of rally wheels on my car! But im very skeptical to China made wheels. And the 432 wheels looks a bit odd to my eyes to.
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