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  1. Past inspections today now its good for another 2 years.
  2. Out drivning and enjoying that there are no oil leaks ; )
  3. 92B9DB7A-597E-4BE6-928F-064436AAF964.MOV Let’s see if it works now.
  4. 872F2D80-DA0C-48B4-8F79-1E2BA3AE88C5.MOV A160km drive done and no leaks....yet. Carbs and linkage have also been synced, valves adjusted etc. Now it really goes, made a great improvement.
  5. Up and running again, now just wait to see if there’s any oil leak. 244F8B31-A054-447B-BA3A-230EFB69A862.mp4
  6. Condition of the Schneider cam and valves/bolts etc checked. All looks great.
  7. I know the feeling, I have always finished my projects fast i think but the last project, my Mr30 E88 Head build with the potter cam (same as you have i guess?) will take a long time. Really annoying but sometimes you just have to accept that $^!# happens and sets back things like this. Keep up the good work. I’m interested to see how it works out. /Andreas
  8. Well, its back together. Just waiting on oil and filter.
  9. Side seals was my guess and it seams like i was right. Using oem Nissan seals this time.
  10. Time to get rid of the annoying oil leak
  11. Took the Z out for its first run this year, haven’t done anything to the car this winter except swapping the battery. Car runs great but still have a small oil leak, need to take care of that soon. Still amazed how small these cars look besides a normal sized modern car : ) //Andreas
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