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  1. Thats a rare ”compe” wheel, i think i have only seen a handful pics of them. Mach wheel to the left i guess? Big envy...
  2. Common on most European 240z I think
  3. Lip with the matching pre drilled valence with nut insterts.
  4. Haven’t driven the car in a couple of weeks but today i found some time. It drives so well after the dyno tune.
  5. My tuner played with the lowspeed to get the afr a bit better from the start, sadly i don’t know what he put in but it made it a bit better.
  6. For comparison. A friend of mine were at the same dyno a couple of weeks before me. L28 with 3x45 webers basically same as mine but he has a ported N42 head and a bigger cam. Got a lot more power.
  7. Lowspeed 55 F8 Main155 Air 160 Tube F16 Acc 45 Choke 36 But i had some problems at around 2500-3000rpms and the tuner adjusted something that made it a bit better will check tomorrow.
  8. Less power on this dyno but i think this dyno is very accurate (have been on two other dynos before). But i have a nice curve.
  9. Went for a 230km “hot as hell” trip to get the engine tuned on a dyno then the same “hot as hell” 230km trip home again....damn these cars aren’t made for driving in the sun. Found some pics on the web from last car meet when waiting for the tuner.
  10. Hahaha, well it’s an old American style race car ; )
  11. Well, it’s the first only Japcar meet since 2007 and we were 610 cars so that was great. Still only 5 Z cars.
  12. Here’s a new dash from Vintage Dashes with a km/h face swap. There may be a small stock of the dashes (If it was a 240z you had) here in Europe if you are interested @EuroDat //Andreas
  13. Well, depending on were in the world you live parts aren’t as available as in other places. I live in Sweden and when i swapped my oem cam in my Us spec 240z for a Schneider cam (head had been rebuilt in the USA and the rebuilder wasent as exact/good as he should have been) the lashpads had to be adjusted a bit to get the exact wipe. I left the pads and my measurements to a mechanical school and they grinded them down to the size i wanted (then I could take some off if needed by myself with a small file. For me it would have taken 2-4 weeks or so to get correct lashpads from the US. This way it took me a couple of hours. I started with size 190 (that was all that msa had to offer) but can’t remember were i ended up, there were not to much that needed to be taken off the pads but still... better to aim for the exact same wipe on all then just make it work. //Andreas
  14. Nice!! What head gasket (thickness) was used and how tight was it between pistons and valves? Is the head shaved and how much in that case? //Andreas