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  1. Hi/ Seats fit great but you will find yourself sitting a tad higher. Im 178cm and around 78kg and have no problem fitting. I made my seat rails as low as I could but would like to modify the stock mounting plates sometime to get an extra 1-2 cm.
  2. Have had very little time to spend on the Z this season. Was about to build a new head for the engine but haven’t even started on that. Next season will hopefully be better.
  3. Took her out for a short drive (one of very few drives this season). Now it’s soon time for winter sleep. IMG_1001.MOV
  4. Thanks for you input. Question was mainly about this brand of clutch as it was cheap and had a low shipping cost. Living in Sweden is not great when it comes to parts for these cars. Almost nothing exist here, you can find stuff in Europe sometimes but more often you have to aim for the US or japan. But then there’s outrageous shipping costs and import fees if you order from companies like for an example the zstore (cam kit= shipping $240, instead i had it sent to a friend in Cali for $19 and then he sent it to Sweden for $80, same with a rear wing $180 shipping and then there’s import fees on those combined prices) So sadly a thing like a clutch gets quite expensive if you go for a good brand and don’t have a friend to help out. I can’t remember what’s in there now but I think ill just take it apart when its time for storage (in about 2 months) and see what i have. And then decided what i want, maybe go for a 240mm clutch/flywheel (if i don’t already have one) and get the flywheel a bit lighter while iam at it. Have a new cam and a skyline efi E88 head on the shelf so the hp rating will probably increase some day?
  5. Thanks for the input, always appreciate advices. Will probably not change the clutch myself so will forward this to the person that will do this.
  6. Will look into it, thanks.
  7. Thanks for your input. Anyone have a recommendation of a good clutch that’s not too expensive? Shipping/import fees often makes the price twice as high for parts to get to Sweden were i live.
  8. Im soon to swap my clutch in my street driven 240z (L28 5speed 220hp). Has anyone used these clutches? https://www.ebay.com/itm/133090584124 //Andreas
  9. Took it out for a drive a couple of days ago, sadly i don’t get the time to drive it as much as i want. Starts right up and runs great as usual.
  10. 8” ET 0 will fit nicely with a 225x50 tire but that’s about as wide as it gets without massaging the fenders. Small world as usually ; ) Im in a small town called Ödeshög (next to lake Vättern) about 250KM south of Kista. Summertime here are often great and as you say days are bright but winters are the opposite, not much daylight for many month. Dark when you wake up and dark when you get home from work.
  11. Yes you have a lot more rainy days per year in Britain then here in Sweden, not so fun when the weather change so quickly. Im changing my mind regarding the wheels but my mind is now set on a set of equip 03s in 15X8.
  12. Yeah, rattle can and heat gun. Worked out well. Tires are still very good, don’t get many miles per year and never in rain. But aiming for new wheels next season.
  13. Painted my wheels (rubber paint so it can be removed) anthracite grey. Nice with a new look for awhile till i can pull the trigger on some other wheels. Also changed my interior bulbs to leds.
  14. Thanks, sound is really awesome at higher rpms ; ). It’s actually a 6-1 header from Msa and a 2 1/2” pipe to a Zstory jdm muffler.
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