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  1. moelk

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Love the rally wheels, i really want a set for my car. Fantastic looking cars...... looks like the green car have the drivers side marking lamp mounted 180 degrees wrong ; ) //Andreas
  2. Head support is functional
  3. Well, they are made upon your request and you have some options if you like to run a harness. They are about the same size as a compe seat so that will mean you will sit a tad higher then the 240z stock seats. They look very black in some pics but they are very close to the oem interior. I used a couple of old rails from some corbaeu seats I had laying. You can use the 240z oem rails, just weld a plate front and back and drill holes for the seat. Heres they pics I have of them.
  4. https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/cobra-gt3-bucket-seat/prod_6052.html I don’t think they have this model available in the us. Iam about 178cm tall and 80kg heavy, you shouldn’t be much bigger then that to fit in these.
  5. Both tapes are water and uv resistant. Don’t know about heat but they can stand quite high temperatures. And here in Sweden we don’t have heat ; )
  6. 3M vhb tape and Tesa 4952. Had them both so I used them both ; ) I cleaned the area on the hatch with alcohol and put the tape on there. Then clean the spoiler and pressed it down. Let it sit for a couple of hours with some pressure. Spoiler looks and feels to be rock solid but only time will tell I guess.
  7. Thanks. Couldn’t find (and probably not afford if I did) two oem competition seats so these will do, Great quality seats.
  8. moelk

    What is this ?

    Ron (zclocks)build me a new wire harness and housing for one of my clocks. Fantastic guy to do business with so don’t hesitate to contact him. Your clock deserve to be functional. //Andreas
  9. First car meet for this year, and rear spoiler finally painted and installed (with tape)
  10. moelk

    What is this ?

    Yes, sorry. In ohms. //Andreas
  11. moelk

    What is this ?

    You can measure the clocks “engine” resistant. Wires on these clocks are very fragile and they could just be broken. Numbers should be around these Yellow-Green 400Yellow-White 800White-Green 400 //Andreas
  12. moelk

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Nice car, sad to see those mirrors on it.
  13. Finally winter ends and she’s started. 43EC9C3E-EC27-424D-8E48-7BF02D1C874C.mp4

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