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  1. moelk

    Badging a 240Z into a FairladyZ

    I have put a fair bit of Fairlady emblems and parts on my US market 240z, like all emblems, grill, headlight covers, speedometer, rally clock, steering wheel (compe wheel and the Jdm version of the Oem wheel), fender mirrors etc. I see nothing wrong in doing that. If you like it better go for it. //Andreas
  2. And some extra material he put together
  3. A guy with a youtube channel about cars contacted me awhile ago about shooting my car for an episode. Got the result a couple of days ago. He has added subtitles in english but he misses a couple of things in translation so don’t take it to serious, i have told him so hopefully he will correct them.
  4. If i got the numbers right (gal-liter, dollar-sek) we are at $6.30 a gal 98 and $5.80 for 95.
  5. The price on fuel is outrageous here to ; (
  6. 107.9 mm i think is the messurment to be exact.
  7. 35mm exhaust and 42mm intake. It will be ported.
  8. Yeah, i really hope it turns out good and that it will be worth the money.
  9. These chambers can handle “ping” better then the ordernery E88/N42 chambers. The bigger cam will also help. Will see how it goes but I don’t see a big problem with it as many people seams to make it work with these type of heads. Will be running pump fuel 95 or 98.
  10. First E88 EFI head is home. Still waiting on the second one. Now some cleaning, then wait for new rockers, valves, seats etc. Will be a slow project
  11. Cam arrived today! Importfees = $170 : (
  12. Well, as usual things changed. I found and bought two E88 EFI MR30 skyline heads. Will build a completely new head with the DP cam. Will install bigger intake valves 44 mm or 45mm, get it ported and aim for CR 11.0 -11.5 Hope to see a good increase in power.
  13. Storage time closing in. New cam, probobly also a new head, a new transmission and new clutch going in to.
  14. This will probably be a winter project so it will take some time before I can test it and compare.

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