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  1. Is there a fix for the dash dimmer rheostat? Mine has no impact on dash brightness. Thanks, ZDisease
  2. I can't see the gauges at night with the headlights on. The dash lights are really dim. The car has a mystery knob near my left knee - Dimmer? - Does nothing to make dash brighter I am planning to replace OEM bulbs with LED's. Do 240Z have dash light dimmers? Thanks, Jay aka 'ZDisease'
  3. Take a 2 foot piece of 1/2 inch hose and hold it to your ear bone. The other end gets touched to places in the motor. Works really well.
  4. I went all over the motor with a 1/2 hose pressed to my ear. Narrowed noise down to exhaust port on header.
  5. I went all over the motor with a 1/2 hose pressed to my ear. Narrowed noise down to exhaust port on header.
  6. I need some clues on torque setting for 240Z front anti-sway bar reinstall. I had to have re-enforcing done on the right side sub frame due to cracking. Can some one point me to a resource ? ZDisease
  7. Need to order the Metric adapters also. Hardware delivered with gauge caused me to reinstall sending unit.
  8. Where did you purchase the Oil Pressure Gauge?
  9. Put the 72 240Z in storage for a while (short I hope).
  10. I also had a rear sway bar on my 72 240z that had body mounts and crossed the drive shaft at the rear U joint. no mas
  11. My brake controller has an infinite adjustment from a to almost Max. Is the best idea to turn it up till the trailer brakes are locking the back it off?
  12. I could use some advice on how to adjust the brake controller. I tow a 20 foot steel trailer with a wood deck + the 240Z or Ford Fusion on it. The truck is a Dodge 2500 8 litre.
  13. You might want to disconnect the rear brake hydraulic line at the brass splitter. Determine if a good stream of fluid bleeds. If yes..... Remove the other two Lines... Remove the splitter.. I soaked mine in gas+oil over night. The next day I blew air through the splitter.
  14. Is your add on pressure gauge connected to the oil sending unit port? ZDisease 72 240Z
  15. I removed the brass restrictor block. Removed the 17 mm cap. soaked in gas for a few hours and blew it out. Rear brakes now bleed well. Question: While bleeding the rear brakes the brake pedal only went Half way to the floor. Is this a cause for concern? 72 240Z
  16. Are they graphite bumpers? Where do the tower brace come from?
  17. While bleeding the rear brakes the fluid stream was very weak (kind of a dribble). I am curious if this is a concern. zdisease
  18. Sort of on topic 1972 240Z - Rear Brakes bleed very slow Stock drum brakes. I bled the brakes yesterday due to air in the system (Car has been sitting for 6 years) The rear brake bleed very slowly, brake pedal sinks to the floor slow as well. Post bleeding the brake the pedal feel good. Is this normal or am I experiencing a proportioning valve issue ?
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